Kelly Ripa Co-Host: Anderson Cooper Out, Who’s Her New Favorite?

Since Kelly Ripa’s co-host Michael Strahan left Live with Kelly and Michael, many wondered who would replace him on the morning show. It seemed like Strahan was a no-brainer when producers were searching for someone to replace Regis Philbin and usher in a new era. Producers needed to find someone who could maintain a lighthearted feel with Kelly, and someone who could hold their own with guests. After Strahan had departed, many wondered if producers would use the same criteria for the next big search.

Almost immediately, we knew this wasn’t going to be like the last search. Kelly Ripa found out about Strahan’s departure right before everyone else did, and she was so angry about not given a heads up, she fled to Turks and Caicos for a week. When she returned Ripa, who was promoted to executive producer, said that the ordeal led to a greater conversation about communication in the workplace.

As for Kelly Ripa’s co-host, the lone host had anticipation in finding a co-host for the premiere in September, but both ABC and Ripa decided to keep a revolving door of guest co-hosts until everyone agreed on a permanent replacement for Live! That said, Ripa made no mistake that she had a favorite in Anderson Cooper, who had guest hosted several times over the years. Back in May, The Wrap reported that Ripa wanted Cooper for the gig, but as the Inquisitr reported, Cooper just signed a renewal on his contract with CNN, which took him out of the running. Not only will he remain the host of Anderson Cooper 360 but he’s also signed on to make appearances on 60 Minutes, which means his time is effectively used up by CNN.

It’s not hard to see why Kelly’s favorite was Anderson. Just take a look at their chemistry together.

This leaves the search for Kelly Ripa’s co-host wide open, but there’s also the question of who is Kelly’s new favorite now that Anderson Cooper is out of the running for the gushy gig? As it turns out, if Kelly had a favorite, she’s not particularly letting on who it is. As AJC reported, Ripa revealed while at the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance’s Super Saturday sale that telling the guests who her favorite is to take the gig would be, “like telling you who my favorite child is.”

We still have plenty of guesses for who her favorite is to co-host Live! Just recently, Ripa and ABC announced her October line up of guest co-hosts which was filled with returning guest co-hosts and new faces that haven’t had the chance to sit in the chair just yet. As the Wrap reported, her last week in October features the following guest co-hosts.

Monday, October 24 — Singer Michael Buble
Tuesday, October 25 — Singer Michael Buble
Wednesday, October 26 — Singer Michael Buble
Thursday, October 27 — Actor Joel McHale
Friday, October 28 — Actor Joel McHale

When it comes to Kelly Ripa’s co-host, audiences seem to be split between personal favorites. The former Criminal Minds star received a huge reaction from fans, who hoped he would replace Michael Strahan, while others seem to really like the idea of Fred Savage or Jerry O’Connell stepping in to be a permanent co-host with Ripa. Another big name to consider is Neil Patrick Harris, who has a huge fan base as well.

Who do you think is the best match for Live! with Kelly?

[Featured Image by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]