Shannon Beador And Kelly Dodd Both Attack ‘RHOC’ Fans Over Their Looks

Shannon Beador is very vocal when it comes to people she doesn’t like, including Vicki Gunvalson. She has no problem calling her a liar and a horrible friend, as Gunvalson had talked about Shannon’s marital problems with her family members last year, including David Beador’s affair. But Shannon and her husband have a hard time forgiving Vicki for the cancer scandal, as they are both convinced that Vicki lied to protect Brooks Ayers. It sounds like Gunvalson isn’t the only person Beador has a problem with, as she slammed a Real Housewives of Orange County viewer on social media.

According to a new tweet, Shannon Beador may have let her anger slip on social media after Real Housewives of Orange County fans started sharing their opinions about her behavior in Ireland. Many people felt that Shannon was stirring the pot, as she quickly turned to Tamra Judge to let her know what Kelly Dodd had said about her daughter, Sidney. And it sounds like she’s may have been watching Beador’s Twitter, as she was quick to call out Beador’s rude comment to a fan.

“Shannon is now Skinny shaming!” Dodd wrote on Twitter, sharing a link to an Instagram shot that showed Shannon writing the following to a fan.

“Hey skinny a**hole, didn’t stir anything. Just telling my friend the truth when asked a question #rewind.”

While Dodd may just be trying to show that her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars are just as crazy and rude as her, some people felt it was necessary to remind Kelly that she can be wildly crazy and needs to put down the alcohol when she’s with these ladies.


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“You seriously need to stop drinking it effects you train of thought & become a psycho to the start creating stories. No one ganged up on you? stop acting victim after you create chaos!” one person wrote to Kelly, explaining that she was wrong for rushing back to Meghan King Edmonds, calling herself a victim.

But other fans were quick to point to Dodd’s own behavior on social media, as she had been just as rude as Shannon Beador to a fan. While Shannon had called someone skinny, Dodd had taken the opposite approach, calling someone fat. And some Real Housewives of Orange County fans were quick to screenshot the comments she wrote to a follower, who had a little baby in her arms.

“What a hypocrite you are, Kelly! You fat shamed a mother on Instagram. Guess we you forgot #RHOC,” one person wrote back to Dodd, pointing out her own behavior just this week, where Dodd had fat-shamed a fan on social media.

“Put the fork down!! You’re kind is going to be embarrassed by you!!” Dodd had written to a viewer, adding later to the same person, “Maybe try losing some weight because your kid is going to be ashamed that you’re a pig!! Get off my page you pig!”

Even though some people think Kelly is bad, it sounds like Shannon Beador isn’t much better. Sure, she didn’t fat-shame someone, but she did call someone a “skinny a**hole,” which could have the same psychological effect. But people have been very vocal about Beador’s drinking, calling her an alcoholic. Maybe Beador is just using the attacks on her to lash out. But it does seem completely unnecessary to attack people on their physical appearance.

What do you think of Shannon Beador and Kelly calling out viewers on their physical appearance? Do you think they could have handled the situations differently without calling people hurtful names?

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