‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Emotions Run High Over Morgan’s Death, Guilt And Grief Sets In For The Corinthos Family

A tragic death has occurred on General Hospital, and it has taken an emotional toll on just about everyone in Port Charles. Morgan Corinthos supposedly died in the explosion that was meant for Julian Jerome, and the blame will definitely be put on Sonny. By now, everyone knows that he had intended to put a hit out on Julian, and even though he did call it off at the last minute, it is assumed that it all went wrong, and now his son is dead. Sonny is broken up about what just happened, but others will be racked with guilt as well.

On Thursday’s episode of General Hospital, the aftermath of the explosion and the fact that Morgan is gone for good are setting in. The accident was caused by a bomb exploding, and now everyone will be turning on Sonny because of it. However, as Soap Hub pointed out, he is not only the guilty one in this whole mob mess. Ava Jerome has let her need to control her daughter’s life lead into this tragic accident.

Ava has every reason to be filled with guilt as most fans would agree that she is the one who seems to have set Morgan off. She has been withholding his bipolar medications for weeks now, and that has sent his emotions into high gear. She also led him to believe that Kiki and Dillon were meeting in the boathouse behind his back. Once he got there, he mistook Ned and Olivia kissing for Kiki and Dillon. He ended up drinking and then ultimately stealing Julian’s car. General Hospital fans have expressed their anger over what Ava has done, and they no doubt want to see her pay for it. Will she feel so guilty that she will eventually reveal her part in all of this?

Her daughter, Kiki, is feeling the sting as well. She was not responsible for Morgan’s death, but since she had just revealed her true feelings to Dillon and was on her way to find Morgan to tell him how she feels, Kiki is beyond guilty about it. She is reeling from it all and will be pushing Dillon away because of it. She will be seeking comfort from Franco. Will he encourage her to seek Dillon out instead of running from him?

Dante is taking his little brother’s death hard. Being that he is also a cop and will have to arrest his dad for the bomb that was planted in Julian’s car, he is pretty distraught. Nathan is there for his best friend, as Dante tells him that he feels that he should have done more to stop the violence. He did try to encourage Sonny to let things go, but getting revenge was the only thing on Sonny’s mind at that point. While he did call the hit off, it looks like it had backfired.

Michael has just lost Sabrina, and now he has to deal with the death of his little brother as well. He ranted to Sonny when he found out that it was a planted bomb that took Morgan’s life, and he is still acting out. It’s a good thing that Jason is standing by Michael, as he is feeling like he somehow failed Morgan. Will Michael be able to handle these two deaths so close to each other?

Now that they have lost their youngest son, Sonny and Carly will have to face life without him. They will also have to face the fact that Sonny’s vengeance on the Jerome family got their son killed. Sonny is racked with guilt about it and faces losing Carly as well. SheKnows Soaps states that their marriage ends up falling apart soon. As fans watched the end of Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, they saw Carly lash out at Sonny for killing Morgan, so this is just the start of their strife.

The performances of Laura Wright, Maurice Benard, Chad Duell, and Dominic Zamprogna were outstanding, and fans have been praising them for sharing their grief on screen as the Corinthos family. Even though she is the villain in all of this, actress Maura West also gave her all during this past week. Many tears have been shed over this storyline, and there is likely more to come.

What did you think of the scenes this week on General Hospital?

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