Corey Brooks Shares Plans For His Real-Life Reunion With ‘Big Brother’ Girlfriend Nicole Franzel

Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel are together again! The Big Brother couple, affectionately known as “Nicorey” by fans of the CBS reality show, have reunited in Corey’s Texas hometown to spend the weekend together. Brooks posted a video to Periscope to detail his weekend plans with the BB18 winner, and it sounds like they will pick up right where they left off.

In his video, Corey revealed that he cleaned the frat house ahead of Nicole’s arrival and that they will spend the entire weekend together. Corey Brooks said that he has a full roster of plans scheduled for Nicole, including a trip to the Texas State Fair and to a haunted house. In addition, Corey said he will take Nicole to TopGolf, which he described as “miniature golf on steroids.”

Corey also plans to take Nicole on a real date to a Mexican restaurant for some margaritas and also to the fast food chain Whataburger. In addition, Brooks and Franzel will watch a “Nicorey” movie that Big Brother superfans put together. A fan-run Facebook group even sent the couple a care package full of snacks for the movie.


Corey Brooks revealed that he missed Nicole’s cuddling more than anything, so he planned to “cuddle the crap out of her for six hours” when he saw her. Still, when a fan asked Corey if he told Nicole he was in love with her, he said no.

While this weekend is Brooks’ first real-life reunion with Franzel, fans can expect to see plenty more of Nicorey over the next few months. Corey said he and Nicole will head to Los Angeles later this month for Paul Abrahamian’s Halloween party. They will also reunite with fellow Big Brother showmance, Paulie Calafiore and Zakiyah Everette, aka Zaulie.

Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel were one of three showmances on this summer’s Big Brother season, and the only couple to make it to the final four. While Brooks has no regrets about hooking up with Franzel, he told Us Weekly that he didn’t plan to get into a showmance.

“I didn’t come into this game wanting a showmance, but if it helped my game I wasn’t opposed to it,” Brooks told Us.

“The moment I realized I had feelings [for Nicole] was when the girls got scared in the London room. They thought there was ghost in there. They all came running out and Nicole didn’t have a bed. I invited her to be my cuddle buddy and I thought this could be a good thing.”


Brooks also said that he would sign on to another Big Brother season, but that the only showmance that will ever be part of his legacy is Nicorey.

“I would absolutely come back for another season, [but] I would not be in a showmance next time,” Corey revealed. “Not that I regret it at all this season but I want to see how I could play without a showmance. If Nicole is in it then I would do a showmance but if she is not in it, then no.”


Corey Brooks already had plans for his first real life date with Franzel before she won the $500,000 Big Brother prize. Brooks told Us that he wanted her to come to Texas to meet all of his friends and his dog, and it sounds like that’s the plan for this weekend.

“I would just want her to meet my friends, go out for some margaritas, get some Mexican food,” Brooks said last month. “Definitely want her to meet my friends and dog. Maybe go to a post-season baseball game this fall. That would be a lot of fun.”

Take a look at the video below to see Corey Brooks talking to Nicole about their showmance.

[Featured Image by CBS Big Brother via Twitter]