Is Anna Duggar Pregnant? ‘Counting On’ Appearance Sparks Speculation As Anna Continues Crying Over Josh

Anna Duggar made an appearance during the most recent episode of Counting On, which mainly focused on Jeremy Vuolo’s marriage proposal to Jinger Duggar. Jinger and Jeremy’s happy moment was a stark contrast to Anna’s short, sad scenes on the show. She only popped up long enough to inform viewers that she’s still crying over her husband’s cheating scandal. However, Anna’s brief appearance has fans speculating that she may be pregnant with her fifth child.

During the October 11 episode of Counting On, Anna Duggar revealed that her unmarried sister-in-law Jana has been a great source of comfort as she continues to deal with the fallout from Josh Duggar’s sex scandals. As the Stir reports, 28-year-old Anna told the Counting On cameras that she’s going to miss 26-year-old Jana if she gets married and finally moves out of her parents’ house.

“Jana has been such an encouragement and such a rock this past year of my life,” Anna said. “She is such a treasure, and she will make an amazing wife one day. But selfishly right now, I’m so thankful I’ve had her as a shoulder to cry on.”

Anna Duggar’s confession that she still needs a shoulder to cry on could be evidence that she and Josh aren’t making much progress during their marriage counseling sessions. Near the end of May, Josh and Anna revealed that they had hired a professional marriage and family counselor to help them “rebuild trust and a truly healthy relationship.” As People reports, this announcement came two months after Josh completed his six-month stay at a faith-based rehab center. The former 19 Kids and Counting star decided to seek treatment after the discovery of his multiple internet dating profiles forced him to confess to cheating on his wife. Josh also claimed that he was suffering from an internet pornography addiction.

Counseling may not be going so great for Josh and Anna, but maybe Anna is trying to dry her tears using a different method: motherhood. Some Counting On fans think that Anna Duggar looked pregnant during the most recent episode of the TLC show, so perhaps the mother of four is hoping that a fifth baby will save her marriage.

'Counting On' Fans Think Anna Duggar Looks Pregnant

“Am I only one who thinks Anna is sporting a baby bump in tonight’s episode?” one viewer wrote on the Duggar Family News: Life Is Not All Pickles & Hairspray Facebook page.

“I think so for sure,” another viewer responded.

One fan also pointed out that Anna Duggar was much thinner while Josh was away at rehab. The photo below was taken one month before he returned home.

In May, the print edition of In Touch Weekly quoted a source close to the Duggar family as saying that Josh and Anna went right back to “their normal sex routine” as soon as Josh got out of rehab.

“I would not be surprised one bit if Anna is already pregnant,” the insider said, according to Hollywood Life.

People have noticed that Anna Duggar seems happier when she’s pregnant, so perhaps she thought that getting knocked up A.S.A.P. would counteract the pain caused by her husband’s betrayal. Or maybe she’s simply not letting Josh’s bad behavior derail her plans to have a supersized family. When Anna and Josh sat down for an interview with People in March 2015, Anna was still pregnant with her fourth child. However, she admitted that she was already dreaming about having more babies.

“Some people think I’m not happy unless I’m pregnant,” Anna told People said. “Marcus just celebrated his first birthday and I was thinking, ‘My baby is growing up.’ There is a desire to have more children, but also keep the balance of enjoying what God has given you and enjoy the children we have.”

On Counting On, Jana Duggar revealed that Josh, Anna, and their four children, Mackynzie, seven, Michael, five, Marcus, three, and Meredith, one, are currently living somewhere near Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s family compound in Tontitown, Arkansas. Josh is trying to make a living selling used cars, and there’s some concern that he’s not making enough money to support a family of seven.

Unfortunately for Josh Duggar, getting Anna pregnant isn’t his ticket to getting another TLC paycheck. A network source has already said that Josh will not appear on Counting On. It would be awkward to show Anna giving birth without her husband around, so if she is pregnant, TLC probably isn’t going to film the arrival of her fifth child.

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