Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s Best Features You Missed And Possible Replacement Phones To Match

Samsung has officially ended any hopes of prosperity for the Galaxy Note 7 due to safety risks it poses to its users. Despite this, many are still holding on to the device simply because they are having a hard time choosing a replacement.

But it goes without saying that holding on to your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may be a bad idea, which is why users should learn about possible replacement devices that match the specs of the device without the unintended additional “explosive” feature.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Specs You’ll Definitely Miss

While it may have been subjected to enormous bad publicity, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 still has awesome features that just died with it when the Korean company pulled its plug.


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Some might even consider the device as the most exciting addition to the Samsung smartphone line because the Galaxy Note 7 has specific features that are actually innovative and useful to consumers.

One of the top features you will definitely be missing is the Note 7’s iris scanner. Though it was not the only device to include the said feature, it was the first Android smartphone to be mass-produced with the futuristic security scanner.

Not only is it more secure, it also made unlocking the device hassle-free by allowing users to simply look into the scanner to open it.

Another thing that could have been loved by many is the Galaxy Note 7’s accompanying S-Pen.

Samsung has taken a step forward with this smartphone stylus to match the Note 7’s versatility by incorporating 4,096 supported pressure levels in its programming that can be very useful for mobile users who like to jot down notes on their smart devices and even create sketches.

Security has also become a more important matter for users in terms of procuring smartphones, which is why the Galaxy Note 7’s Secure Folder feature will definitely be missed.

As the name states, the Secure Folder allows users to keep confidential files out of sight of onlookers. It is more secured because users can only access it via fingerprint or iris scan. It is also encrypted in the device via Samsung’s KNOX technology which can only be described as enterprise-grade security.

Another feature you would have loved with the Note 7 is the HDR movie support which allows users to stream videos offered in high-definition such as those in Amazon Prime Video.

Last but not least is the massive Quad HD display that makes watching and gaming on your smartphone more immersive and exciting than ever.

Phones That May Replace The Galaxy Note 7

No matter how hard Samsung tried, there seemed to be no hope in salvaging whatever is left of the Galaxy Note 7 which is why users who are still holding on to it should let go.


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iPhone 7 Emerges Victorious In The Wake Of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Cancellation

To help with the process of moving, several smartphone makers offer similarly useful and secure devices that could come close to replacing the Galaxy Note 7 in our hearts.

On top of that list is the ever-so-popular iPhone 7 from Cupertino-based Apple Inc. which appears to have gained more patrons since the demise of the Note 7.

Apple’s candidate offers similar security and display clarity with its slightly smaller screen that is set at 5.5 inches compared to Note 7’s 5.7 inches.

In terms of camera and display, Google’s new Pixel phone also has a great advantage especially since the device’s snapper is dubbed as the highest rated smartphone camera to date.

Another possible Galaxy Note 7 replacement is Huawei’s upcoming Mate 9 which comes in a dual-edge curved variant that gives off the similar feel as that of the recalled Samsung model.

It is also rumored to have high-speed processors inside, specifically a 64-bit, eight-core HiSilicon Kirin 960 chip matched with a 256GB worth of storage and 6GB RAM, per Evan Blass via Venture Beat.

Whichever you choose, it would be best to take extra precautionary measures when dealing with high-tech gadgets and be aware of news about it.

Do you have other smartphone recommendations for former Note 7 users? Share them in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Samsung]