Anna Kendrick Wants To Be Robin To Ben Affleck’s Batman [VIDEO]

Robin, Batman’s most popular sidekick has repeatedly been sidelined no matter how hard Hollywood attempted to deliver an actual film where the duo does superhero work as a team.

In fact, actors like Burt Ward as well as the more recent Joseph Gordon-Levitt who portrayed the boy wonder have ended up becoming just a comic relief to the otherwise dark and serious Batman movies.

Ben Affleck’s Batman so far has earned a lot of commendation for his performance in DC and Warner Bros.’ Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice but he has yet to get his own Robin. With that in mind, who better to portray Robin than a very lively and highly spirited Anna Kendrick?

Kendrick caught her co-star Ben Affleck by surprise when she suddenly started auditioning to be the Robin to his Batman during an interview with MTV’s After Hours.

During the “serious interview” with MTV News for their upcoming thriller movie The Accountant, Pitch Perfect star Kendrick openly expressed her love for superhero movies and suddenly blurted out hilarious comments about wanting to be Robin to Affleck’s Batman.

Being her natural, quirky self, Kendrick expressed her excitement about The Accountant and complimented Affleck for his performance particularly during fight scenes and suddenly turned the conversation around towards the topic of superhero movies.

“Can I say what has two thumbs and loves superhero movies? This guy. Love it. Love them. ‘Put down the school bus, Doctor Disaster’!”

Clearly baffled but remaining composed, Affleck continued to answer the interviewer’s query about wrapping up production on the upcoming DC film Justice League and revealed his plans to direct a rumored Batman solo movie.

At that point, Kendrick lit up even more than normal and magically changed into a Robin-like attire.

“Holy coincidence, Batman! Any room for a plucky sidekick?”

Anna Kendrick and Ben Affleck
[Image by MTV]

Affleck then continued with his serious demeanor, unaffected by the hilarious situation, and immediately shut down Kendrick’s desire to act as the Batman himself.

But Kendrick wouldn’t back down and asked, “Do I not have the stamina? Do I not have the look, Mr. Trump?” in reference to the presidential election banter between GOP’s Donald Trump and the Democratic Party’s Hillary Clinton.


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After Kendrick called Affleck and MTV News host Josh Horowitz “dream killers,” the Batman actor then became more serious and highlighted the deeper side of him by sharing dreams he had when he was still young.

Apparently, a younger Ben Affleck was inspired “to dye my hair red and sing to my dog” after watching Annie and continued to a familiar story that definitely pacified Kendrick.

“Finally, a little script called Pitch Perfect lands on my desk. Part fits me to a T: Beca, a rebellious, reluctant leader with the voice of an angel.”

To top it off, Affleck proceeded to sing his own version of “Cups,” the first song Kendrick sang in the first acapella-themed movie which ended any hopes of finishing the interview properly. Check out the entire four-minute clip below.

While the interview came out to be a sort of skit between the two, several Batman fans pondered on the possibility of Kendrick portraying Robin, specifically the older version of Stephanie Brown in the comic books.

Based on the Batman comics, Brown donned the Robin suit quite briefly before she took up the role of becoming Batgirl in DC Rebirth.

If that doesn’t work, there is also the option of Kendrick being cast as Barbara Gordon, Gotham City police commissioner James Gordon’s daughter who also becomes Batgirl but is later known as the Oracle between 1989 and 2011.

Either way, the idea of having such a spirited actress in the otherwise dark and foreboding world of the DC Universe may work Warner Bros, if only to earn the attention of her acapella fanbase.

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