Heather Dubrow Takes Aim At Vicki Gunvalson, What’s Fueling That?

Heather Dubrow is taking aim at Vicki Gunvalson after the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Heather wasn’t impressed with her fellow cast mate for many reasons. Viewers might think Kelly Dodd is the one Heather should be angry at. She’s not happy with Kelly, but another problem for Heather is what she witnessed with Vicki Gunvalson in Ireland.

For starters, Heather Dubrow writes in her blog on Bravo that she wasn’t convinced the flowers Vicki received at the hotel came from her boyfriend.

“How many people thought Vicki sent the flowers to herself? Seemed a little convenient upon check in,” Heather Dubrow writes. “Anytime Terry has sent me flowers when I’m traveling they put them in my room. Hmmmmm.”

Doesn’t sound like Heather is buying that Vicki’s boyfriend actually sent her flowers.

Dubrow continues in her blog that the way Vicki Gunvalson handled the bitter confrontation between Kelly and Tamra was downright despicable. Vicki chose to stay out of the conflict after the two women went at each other. In her confessional interview, Gunvalson said she didn’t want to take sides because she thought it was important she remain neutral since she was in the beginning stages of mending friendships.

Heather Dubrow, however, viewed it differently. Vicki criticized Heather for being more upset about being kicked out of a department store than being concerned over Tamra and Kelly’s problem, but Heather is calling Vicki out for her errant ways.

“Also, Vicki can judge me all she wants — she walked away and ‘didn’t get involved,'” Heather went on to write. “Please, so she didn’t stick up for her new bestie Kelly or her old bestie Tamra. Great friend.”

It’s evident Heather doesn’t believe any of Vicki Gunvalson’s logic after the latest RHOC episode.

When Vicki received her flowers at the hotel in Ireland, she read the note attached and Steve supposedly wrote, “I love you.” The women gasped with surprise since they hadn’t heard Gunvalson mention to them that the “L” word ever came up. Vicki sort of downplayed it and said in her confessional interview that it wouldn’t be a shock for her boyfriend to love her because she’s a “good catch.” She made it sound like it was the first time Steve expressed his love for her by the way she described it. If that’s the case, why did he wait until Vicki traveled to another country to have it written on a note with flowers? Maybe Heather Dubrow has a point there.

Was Vicki Gunvalson right in her decision to avoid defending Tamra or Kelly? When they opened fire on one another, Vicki chose to not involve herself. Heather Dubrow was disappointed in Vicki for not helping either one of them. It wasn’t about choosing sides, but helping make a bad situation better. Tamra and Kelly nearly came to blows over some very personal issues and Vicki didn’t intervene. Perhaps she could’ve consoled Tamra or reason with Kelly. Something would’ve been better than doing nothing. Besides, the whole thing got started because Tamra defended Vicki when Kelly was being obnoxious to her during their pub crawl.

Heather Dubrow is typically the voice of reason on RHOC. She can be counted on to give an objective perspective when it comes to this group of ladies. According to Dubrow’s blog post, she isn’t fully trusting of Vicki to tell the truth or be anyone’s true friend.

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