Sexy Ken Bone Halloween Costume Sold Out, Will It Be Restocked Before Halloween?

After the second presidential debate, many declared a surprise winner: Ken Bone.

In the days since the debate, Bone’s popularity has grown so much that he’s inspired a Ken Bone Halloween costume — and it sold out quickly!

If you watched the debate, you likely remember Bone as the undecided voter who stood up and asked the candidates a question about their energy policies. But that’s not what viewers remembered.

Instead, viewers remembered Bone’s affable attitude, his red sweater, his confidence, his glasses, and his mustache.

His attitude and confidence might not be for sale, but Bone’s style is — or was, anyway. After the debate, Bone’s red cable quarter-zip Izod sweater quickly sold out on Amazon, and the costume designers over at Yandy quickly realized why.

That’s why Yandy began selling a Ken Bone Halloween costume, complete with a red “sweater,” blue high-waisted pants, a white undershirt, a mustache, and glasses. The look is capped off with a cordless microphone, similar to the one Bone used during the debate.

OK, so the costume isn’t an exact match to Ken’s clothing. Obviously, the Ken Bone Halloween costume is made for a female who is willing to bare her midriff, and instead of including khaki-colored pants, a la Ken, the costume comes with a blue-jean look.

The differences haven’t stopped Ken Bone fans from snapping up the Halloween costume though. According to People, a rep for the company said that Yandy started pre-orders for the costume Tuesday morning. Four hours after the pre-sale began, the company sold out its initial run. The costume costs $99.95.

In a statement, Yandy Founder and CEO Chat Horstman addressed the reasons for the popularity of the sexy Ken Bone Halloween Costume.

“It was clear before the debate had even ended who the real star was that night. The Ken Bone phenomenon has only picked up speed since, and we knew right away that a sexy costume version would be in huge demand this Halloween season.”

But here’s the thing: If Ken Bone’s pre-debate plan had all worked out, we may not know him as the winner of the second presidential debate.

After becoming the breakout star of the debate, Bone said he had originally planned to wear an olive-colored suit to the debate, but when he got into his car that morning, the seat of his pants split right down the middle. That red sweater which he’s made so famous? That was plan B, Bone told Carol Costello of CNN — and what a memorable plan B it turned out to be.

“I had a rally nice olive suit that I love a great deal and that my mother would have been very proud to see me wearing on television. But apparently I’ve gained about 30 pounds, and when I went to get in my car the morning of the debate, I split the seat of my pants all the way open. So, the red sweater is plan B, and I’m glad it works out.”

Would Bone have been so memorable without that red sweater? We may never know, but honestly, it doesn’t matter. It wasn’t an olive suit that spawned Ken Bone Halloween costumes, but that red cable knit sweater.

For what it’s worth, in the CNN interview, Bone said he believed the red sweater made all the difference when it comes to his notoriety.

“I don’t see how I could not have worn the red sweater this morning. It’s more famous than me.”

Whether or not the costume will be restocked on Yandy before Halloween is unclear, though the website does currently have a “Coming soon — notify me!” button under the costume description.

What do you think of the quick sell-outs of Ken Bone Halloween costumes? Do you expect to see a lot of people dressed up as Ken on Halloween? Why or why not?

[Featured image by Pool/Getty Images]