WWE Rumors: Ryback Wants Goldberg To Be Tested For Drugs

Jack Windham

Everyone wants to be treated fairly and evenly. Ryback is no exception. The former WWE star is adamant that his former employers run a drug test on Goldberg before allowing him to return to the ring, as reported by Wrestling Inc. The latter is rumored for a big match against Brock Lesnar.

While doing an interview with Busted Open, Ryback had plenty to say about WWE. The Las Vegas native was under contract with the company since 2004 and only left the promotion in August after demanding and receiving his release. Ryback was simply not happy with not being given a big push.

His disdain for not being given a big push was clear when he stated in the interview that he believes that it should be him who is facing Goldberg at the upcoming Survivor Series pay per view instead of Brock Lesnar. A big money match like that would raise Ryback's name value tremendously.

When asked about the wellness program in WWE, Ryback was quite complimentary of the intent. The former Intercontinental Champion states that the company does test performers relentlessly. Ryback also feels that the program is great because it encourages everyone to behave instead of hurting themselves with various substances.

Ryback just wishes that the test was fair to everyone. The 34-year-old stated that he was informed that Brock Lesnar was not required to be tested by the wellness program because he does not work full-time for WWE. When tested by UFC after his return match, Lesnar failed.

With Goldberg more than likely working just one or maybe two matches for WWE, there is a very good chance that he will not be tested by the wellness program. Ryback believes that Goldberg and anyone that steps into the ring for World Wrestling Entertainment should be required to go through the testing.

WWE has to hope that Ryback's words do not reach too far. If the mainstream media were to get a hold of the story, then management might feel forced to put Goldberg through the wellness program test. That might not sit all too well with the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion.

Ryback is not opposed to the possibility of Goldberg making his return to WWE. In fact, he states that he admires the reasoning behind it. Goldberg warmed up to the idea of getting back in the ring because he wants his children to be able to see him wrestle in person.

Goldberg might also have some financial reasons for making a return to WWE. Though he has been involved in various business ventures since leaving pro wrestling, more money can be a good thing. World Wrestling Entertainment would more than likely write out a big paycheck if Goldberg returned.

During the interview, Ryback also revealed a theory about the financial aspect of the potential match between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar. He hinted that the makers of WWE 2K17 might possibly be investors in the match because it would certainly spike the sales numbers for the video game.

Since Ryback is no longer with the company, a lot of WWE fans are going to side with management and proclaim that he is simply being bitter about not being in the big match at the Survivor Series. However, the idea of testing everyone is not necessarily a bad one.

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