Was ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Ryan Edwards High During The Latest Episode? Fans Accuse Him Of Using Drugs [Photos]

Ryan Edwards is being faced with allegations of drug use after an out-of-character appearance on Monday night’s new episode of Teen Mom OG.

As Maci Edwards thrives in her personal life with her recent marriage to Taylor McKinney, and also the recent addition of her third child, son Maverick Reed, Ryan Edwards appears to be struggling immensely.

On October 12, Radar Online shared a report about Ryan Edwards’ behavior during the latest episode of Teen Mom OG, along with a headline suggesting he may be a “druggie dad” and revealing he’s been accused of “being high” on the show.

During the episode, Ryan Edwards was seen visiting with his son, 7-year-old Bentley Edwards, after the boy’s baseball game to celebrate Father’s Day. However, instead of a happy celebration, questions of drug use arose as Edwards was seen talking to Bentley, whose mother is Bookout, with bulging eyes.

As the episode aired, fans weighed in with comments suggesting he was “totally drugged out” and “higher than a kite.” Others pointed out that Ryan Edwards chose to sit home on the couch rather than attend his son’s Championship game.

“After tonight’s episode I am convinced that [Ryan Edwards] is on drugs and that’s why Larry kicked him out,” one fan wrote. Another added, “Bugged eyed [Ryan Edwards] asked Bentley if he hit well in his game twice in two minutes and nodded off.”

On Monday night’s show, Ryan Edwards’ father chose to kick him out of their home after accusing him of being “lazy” and “selfish.” Larry also labeled him as a “blood-sucking leech” before Ryan Edwards claimed the two had engaged in a fight about his father’s wrenches.

Another report on October 12, via The Hollywood Gossip, also spoke of Ryan Edwards’ possible drug use and shared a headline that asked if his behavior was the result of drugs. The outlet also suggested that Edwards’ potential drug use may have led Larry to kick him out.

“I’m over his lies. I’m over his laziness, selfishness. I’m done with it,” Larry said during the episode. “I’m done with him forever. I don’t want him anywhere around me ever… And I never wanna be around him ever ’cause I’m tired of that bloodsucking leech. I’m over it.”

“[Ryan Edwards is starting to look like he’s on something?” another person on Twitter wrote. “Like he’s tweaking on meth? I hope not, but his eyes were bugging out!”

Another added that the reality star never looked focused and said they were nervous watching him on the show.

Ryan Edwards has been less active on social media in recent months, so not surprisingly, he hasn’t yet spoken out about his behavior. Instead, his Instagram and Twitter accounts have remained silent as the speculation into his possible drug use continues to grow.

Months ago, Ryan Edwards shared an odd post on Twitter, which caught the attention of many. In the post, the reality star claimed he was going to be a father again. A short time later, as buzz surrounding the issue began, Edwards removed the post and hasn’t said a thing about it since.

Also on social media in recent months, Ryan Edwards reportedly bragged about killing cats that had been found on his property. He even shared a photo and added the hash tag, “dead cats.” In turn, he was reportedly targeted with an animal abuse investigation, which may or may not have been completed at this point in time.

[Featured Image by Ryan Edwards/Instagram]