Jim Carrey Goes After Cathriona White’s Ex-Husband

Cathriona White’s death left actor Jim Carrey devastated and he didn’t hesitate in travelling to Ireland to attend her funeral and to reconnect with her family, but recent events uncover a less cordial relationship between Carrey and White’s family. Since Cathriona passed away from a drug overdose, Jim has been battling the family in an ongoing legal drama, instigated by White’s mother, Brigid Sweetman, and ex-husband, Mark Burton. The lawsuits allege that Carrey knowingly passed on STDs to Ms. White and that he later used his legal team to intimidate Cathriona into keeping silent. Now, as courtroom drama heats up, Carrey is on the offensive, firing back at Burton and Sweetman.

Jim Carrey Accuses Mark Burton Of Dirty Dealings In Lawsuit

Daily Mail reveals a sordid courtroom drama that is a true battle in every sense with accusations flying back and forth between Cathriona White’s ex-husband and Jim, but it may be Carrey’s latest request for sanctions that carries the most truth. In a new motion, Carrey’s legal team asked that Burton be sanctioned for using White’s death to get money from the successful actor.

The lawsuit was initiated by Burton, following Cathriona’s drug overdose of Ambien, Propranolol, and Percocet, which Mark alleges were illegally supplied by Jim Carrey. The prescription bottles were addressed to Arthur King, a pseudonym commonly used by Carrey. In his lawsuit, Burton claims that Jim provided the drugs to Ms. White the night before her suicide.

Burton says Jim tried to cover himself by texting Cathriona and saying that he had misplaced his pills.

In addition to blaming Carrey for Cathriona’s death, the suit asserts that Jim Carrey had passed on three different STDs to White.

Before the case can move forward, lawyers for Carrey and Burton have to settle a jurisdiction dispute, which was initiated on behalf of Carrey’s legal team. Even after the withdrawal of a request for removal of the case on the grounds of diversity jurisdiction, Burton’s team is confounding the situation by demanding legal fees be paid for the “frivolous filing” and “baseless removal” of the petition.

“It is abundantly clear that you and your client’s refusal to stipulate is in bad faith,” Todd Eagan, lawyer for Jim Carrey wrote in a response. “The record reflects that we promptly responded to your original email regarding the Notice of Removal with a proposed stipulation drafted by my office which would have resolved the issue.”

“Yet you refused to agree to it. There is no basis to demand attorneys’ fees and costs,” adds Eagan.

Brigid Sweetman Will Drop Her Lawsuit On One Condition

The lawsuit filed by Burton comes after Cathriona’s estranged mother filed a wrongful death lawsuit of her own against Mr. Carrey. In a statement released via the Wrap, Sweetman says that Jim Carrey has alleged that he has never tested positive for any STD. In light of that statement and the charges filed by Burton, Brigid is willing to drop her lawsuit upon the release of Carrey’s test results.

“I am demanding they immediately release the full 2013 lab results so people can judge for themselves who is telling the truth and who is lying,” states Cathriona White’s mother. “If they publicly release and publish the full Quest Diagnostics lab report for the blood sample Carrey gave on January 28, 2013 at 11:40 a.m. under the name ‘Jose Lopez’ and if it shows Carrey did not test positive for STDs, I will immediately dismiss the case and apologize.”

Ms. Sweetman went on to insist that any deception on the part of Jim Carrey and his lawyers be revealed to the public.

“But if it shows differently, and it will, then Carrey and his attorney must admit they have lied to the media and the public. The public has a right to know when they have been lied to.”

Sweetman’s lawsuit alleges that Jim Carrey was verbally abusive towards Cathriona by calling her names and speaking to her in a demeaning manner, all to keep White under his thumb. Brigid suggests that Jim should feel remorse for using his lawyers in an attempt to intimidate Cathriona into keeping quiet about the alleged STDs.

“Every mother and father that has a daughter should read Cat’s handwritten letter to Jim and decide for themselves what kind of guy he really is,” said Ms. Sweetman.

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