WWE News: Daniel Bryan Confirms Brock Lesnar And Goldberg Happening At Survivor Series

Bill Goldberg is on his way back to the WWE. It’s a sentence not many WWE fans thought they would utter out of their mouths ever again. Since his departure from the company following WrestleMania 20, Goldberg hasn’t talked optimistically about the WWE. He’s remained on the opposite side of Vince McMahon’s camp for a long time. It’s not like Goldberg’s departure from the WWE was a memorable one for the right reasons.

In one of the most infamous matches of all-time, Goldberg fought Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 20 with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the referee. Both men were leaving the company either following that match or in the few weeks to follow. Neither man cared and just threw in the towel in front of millions of people. That left a sour taste in the mouths of WWE fans, and WWE officials as well. It took Lesnar years to return, and now Goldberg is next.

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The latest WWE news suggests that Brock Lesnar will fight The Rock at Clash of Champions. [Photo By John Palmer/ MediaPunch/IPX]

Since coming back to the company in 2012, Lesnar has made a huge mark in the WWE. He’s won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, main evented WrestleMania and broke the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania. He’s not a company guy because he likes getting paid and it’s quite evident that’s true. The Beast Incarnate brings in ratings for the WWE and sells t-shirts. Lesnar was even on the cover of WWE 2K17.

On the October 10 edition of WWE Raw, Paul Heyman came out and told the WWE Universe he and Lesnar are challenging Goldberg to a rematch that is years in the making. With Goldberg having a big part in this year’s video game, it was inevitable that the match was going to happen, but WWE fans don’t know when. According to Daniel Bryan, he revealed on Talking Smack that the match was going to happen at Survivor Series.

“Daniel Bryan and Renee Young apparently confirmed Brock Lesnar vs. Bill Goldberg for Survivor Series on last night’s Talking Smack. WWE has not confirmed the match after announcing Goldberg’s RAW return on Monday. Bryan and Renee mentioned how RAW has signed Goldberg and how the two brands were co-booking Survivor Series.”

There’s a reason Goldberg is coming back to the WWE. He was doing just fine without pro wrestling. However, one motivation continues to push Goldberg back to the squared circle. In a recent report by the Inquisitr, Goldberg said he’s fighting for his son, who has yet to see him wrestle in the WWE. When analysts and reporters would always ask about a WWE return, he would mention his son nearly every time.

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It’s an interesting story that new WWE fans should pay attention to. For the older audience, they just hope it doesn’t end up like WrestleMania 20 did — with both men not caring and standing around for 10 minutes before making a move. Goldberg and Lesnar don’t exactly have a passion for the business like many WWE superstars do.

One Forbes writer believes it’s a “desperate, short-term fix” for the WWE. He may be right, but it’s what will be front-and-center on the big stage for WWE. Vince McMahon wants to make money and so do the two performers ready to take each other on. It won’t be a 5-star match, but nobody is expecting it to be.

As Paul Heyman put it on WWE Raw, it will be a fight between Brock Lesnar and Goldberg at WWE Survivor Series. The thing is, the WWE has yet to confirm that fight for that date. Bryan may know something that shouldn’t have gone public yet.

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