‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Steve Burton To Replace Billy Miller As Contract Talks Happen

General Hospital rumors have been swirling since it was announced that Steve Burton would be leaving The Young and the Restless at the end of the year. Fans have immediately jumped the gun and began hoping and wishing Burton would reprise the role of Jason Morgan. While that would be great, what will happen to the current Jason Morgan, Billy Miller? It has been several years since fans saw the original “Stone Cold” in Port Charles, and many are enjoying Miller’s portrayal of a softer version of the character.

The announcement of Steve Burton leaving The Young and the Restless came via his Twitter account. He explained that he would be exiting in December, which is when his contract expires. Billy Miller’s General Hospital contract is rumored to be expiring this month, and there hasn’t been any information on whether or not he was signed again. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, General Hospital spoilers indicate Steve Burton may return. There isn’t a source to back up this information, so many will take it with a grain of salt. Plenty of fans have been waiting and hoping that Burton would return as Jason Morgan, but the likelihood of that actually happening is slim.

Contracts on General Hospital are rarely discussed in public. Sometimes they leak to fans, but usually, the business deals are done behind closed doors. However, for some of the bigger actors, announcements are made via various soap opera magazines.

It has been a rough go for General Hospital actors and their contract renewals this year. Earlier this year, Roger Howarth was back and forth about returning as Franco. He ultimately signed, but Tyler Christopher wasn’t as lucky with Nikolas Cassadine and walked away over money. Rebecca Herbst was benched from the show as Elizabeth while they worked things out regarding her contract, but she ultimately returned as well. If the writers and casting people really want Steve Burton back, they probably could make it happen with a little work and bigger incentives.

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Fans have considered keeping Billy Miller and adding Steve Burton back, making it another mistaken identity case on General Hospital. The possibility is highly unlikely, but it would satisfy the want for both men. Unfortunately, if Miller leaves, there will be a two- to three-month gap if Burton decides to reprise the role. After everything fans went through with Jason this time around, another incident could cause some to jump ship.

Steve Burton has several other business opportunities to focus on outside of acting. He left General Hospital to have more time with his family but ended up at The Young and the Restless because of Jill Farren Phelps. No information has been given on his plans for the future, but if he isn’t coming back to General Hospital, some fans will be heartbroken. As time draws closer to his exit, it will be telling to see what he chooses.

There have been comments about Billy Miller and his lack of screen time and story arcs on General Hospital. He is currently involved in the Morgan (Bryan Craig) storyline. He watched as the car exploded and was the one to tell Sonny (Maurice Benard) what happened. While that may not be sufficient for some General Hospital fans, it is a pretty big arc that will likely head through sweeps. The contractual issue has not been addressed, and if he did not sign a contract for more time, it is unlikely he would still be airing this far into October. General Hospital writers have done some shocking things before, but it appears that Steve Burton replacing Billy Miller is just wishful thinking, not actual news.

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