‘Harry Potter’ Fan Creates Real-Life Pensieve Of Happy Memories For His Wife

A Harry Potter fan brought fandom and romance to an entirely new level after he created a real-life Pensieve of happy memories from his marriage and gave it to his wife as an anniversary gift.

The Potterhead known only by his Reddit and Imgur username “duffmanszalotofthings” made a mark in the hearts of his fellow Harry Potter fans after he shared the sweetest wedding anniversary gift he gave his wife recently.

What Is The Pensieve?

For those who do not understand the jargon, the Pensieve is sort of like a magical photo album which allows wizards and witches to revisit certain memories via slivers of silver substance.

“A Pensieve is a wide and shallow dish made of metal or stone, often elaborately decorated or inlaid with precious stones, and carrying powerful and complex enchantments.”

I made my wife a Pensieve (from Harry Potter) for her wedding gift
by u/DuffManSzALotAThings in pics

According to Pottermore, the website dedicated to all things Harry Potter, Pensieves are only used by advanced wizards because most in the wizardkind are fearful of returning to their past, even via a non-participant, third-person point of view.

“The perceived dangers of the Pensieve relate to its power over memory or thought,” Pottermore added.

“The Pensieve is enchanted to recreate memories so that they become re-liveable, taking every detail stored in the subconscious and recreating it faithfully, so that either the owner, or (and herein lies the danger) a second party, is able to enter the memories and move around within them.”

And, like any other normal people—or the so-called Muggles, most wizards have things that they prefer to keep hidden or protected, such as secrets from their past and their privacy.

The Rea-Life Pensieve

The Harry Potter fan, whom we shall call “DuffMan,” have broken the fourth wall to bring this magical item from the world of wizardry created by a genius we now know as J.K. Rowling.

In his post, DuffMan shared how he made a ceramic bowl with the couple’s initials on the bottom and filled it with little vials enclosing shiny paper that contain his memories of his wife that he specifically chose because they makes him smile.

Like in the Harry Potter movies, DuffMan’s Pensieve is also accessible by a wand which he provided his wife with. The magic trick here is this: the tip of the wand has a magnet attached to it which attracts the reverse pole magnets glued at the bottom of each vial.

When his wife wants to recall a special memory, she only needs to use the magic wand — literally — to make that memory appear.

What makes the gift more romantic is that DuffMan was thoughtful enough to include vials with blank pieces of paper “for future memories.”

At the end of the Imgur photo collection, DuffMan shared a photo of him and his beautiful wife and captioned it with statement that only true Harry Potter fans would understand.

“I hope the amortentia potion I gave her never wears off…”

When he shared it on Reddit, DuffMan received so much love and ire at the same time — the latter mostly coming from singles who wished they had someone who would give them something as special as a real-life Pensieve.

“I was the wife who showed it to her husband. First response: there’s no such thing. 2nd response: that is the most sentimental thing ever. 3rd response: I would have just gotten you a Red Lobster gift card, but a big one. In reality, he gave me a necklace that I treasure, and I gave him a watch he still has and won’t wear any longer because he doesn’t want it to get more banged up.”

“Good job, OP, I wish you and your missus a long and happy life together,” Redditor modernchic1977 wrote in the comments.

On Imgur, he also received well-wishes from fellow Potterheads, with some applauding his effort in coming up with such a creative gift.

“This has got to be one of the most romantic and thoughtful gifts I have ever seen,” says minabear over Imgur.

How would you rate DuffMan’s efforts? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

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