Trumpkins Take Over Halloween: Donald Trump Pumpkins Are ‘Huge!’ This Year

Donald Trump may end up losing the presidential race, but the GOP nominee doesn’t need any online flash polls to tell him that his head will be this Halloween’s most popular political porch decoration. According to recent reports, “Trumpkins” are invading America ahead of election day.

As Dangerous Minds reports, creative jack-o’-lantern carvers have found that Donald Trump is the perfect muse — his spray tan has a pumpkin-colored hue, and his hair is almost the same shade as the fleshy inside of the rotund gourds that usually sport the faces of grinning ghouls. Trump’s impressive array of expressive facial contortions may also have something to do with why so many Halloween fans are carving his likeness on pumpkins this year.

However, according to the Scotsman, a resident of Northamptonshire, England wasn’t trying to create a Trumpkin when he began cutting into a plump pumpkin. Marcher Lord revealed that he was attempting to give his gourd the likeness of his mother-in-law by carving an angry facial expression into its orange flesh. However, the jack-o’-lantern’s squinted eyes and yelling mouth started to remind Lord of a certain American businessman’s famous face. He then switched muses and used the pumpkin’s shredded innards to create Donald Trump’s signature comb-over hairstyle.

“It was supposed to be my mother-in-law, but it morphed into Trump. She hates me even more now,” Lord revealed.

Donald Trumpkin

— Marcher Lord (@MarcherLord1) October 9, 2016

His Twitter photo of “Donald Trumpkin” has been retweeted over 2,000 times. According to Lord, it only took him an hour to carve the uncanny likeness of Trump.

“Isn’t it bad enough we’re all living in a horror story with that man, do we have to ruin Hallowe’en, too?” one of his Twitter followers wrote in response to the pumpkin picture.

As the Huffington Post reports, other Halloween fans have been sharing their own Trumpkin photos on Instagram, including the glowing Donald Trump jack-o’-lantern below.

According to the Chicago Tribune, professional jack-o’-lantern carver Hugh McMahon also attempted to make the pumpkin great again by creating his own Trumpkin for the seventh annual Great Highwood Pumpkin Festival in Highwood, Illinois. The event raises money for Make-A-Wish Illinois, and it features thousands of lighted jack-o’-lanterns. McMahon’s booth at the event also included a Hillary Clinton pumpkin, but the artist said that his Donald Trump carving proved to be more popular with local attendees.

Donald Trump wasn’t yet the GOP nominee this time last year, but perhaps the popularity of Trumpkins should have been seen as a sign that he was going to carve down his competition. Mediaite reports that Trump pumpkins also took over social media in 2015, with Trump adviser Roger Stone even partaking in the hot Halloween craze. Stone’s Trumpkin was an intricately-carved head that revealed the pumpkin’s light orange flesh underneath, not the typical jack-o’-lantern that anyone can create using stencils.

Artist Jeanette Paras also gave the Trumpkin her own unique spin by painting hers instead of carving it, and her one-of-a-kind Donald Trump pumpkin was the YUGEST of them all — it weighed a whopping 374 pounds. As you can see, Paras gave her 3D Trump caricature a more natural skin color by completely painting over the gourd’s orange flesh. It looks like it took multiple blonde wigs to cover her Trumpkin’s massive scalp.

Jeanette Paras isn’t the only artist who prefers painting Trump pumpkins over carving them.

If you’re creating your own Trumpkin, you don’t have to shell out the big bucks for a wig — you can also use straw as hair.

Donald Trump, the Pumpkin.
Aka Donald Trumpkin.

— Matthew Santoro (@MatthewSantoro) March 6, 2016

So have these photos of Trumpkins inspired you to create your own Donald Trump jack-o’-lantern?

[Featured Images by Marcher Lord/Twitter, Ethan Miller/Getty Images]