‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ One Tamriel Update Coming Next Week To PS4, Xbox One While Player Housing Arrives Early Next Year

On October 18, the One Tamriel update is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online on consoles. The game-changing update opens up the world by letting players explore it regardless of their level or alliance. Additionally, a redesigned Craglorn, new weapon ultimate abilities, and itemization changes are all part of update 12 and the One Tamriel experience.

As veterans of The Elder Scrolls Online, players are familiar with the old way of leveling and progressing through the MMORPG. Players choose a faction and level through its areas rather linearly on the way to the level 50 cap. The other two faction’s areas are essentially locked out from the player until hitting the maximum level when they can choose to start another faction’s experience for Champion Points, gear, and more.

Friends can easily quest together with One Tamriel [Image by Bethesda]

With One Tamriel, that whole process is completely different. After update 12 releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, console players will be able to go anywhere in Tamriel the minute they leave the tutorial and starting experience. Players from all three factions, the Daggerfall Covenant, the Ebonheart Pact, and the Aldmeri Dominion, can play together in the PvE content now. Natural level, from one to 50, matters little since the entire world is scaled to a Champion Point level of 160. Players below level 50 and those below that particular Champion Point level will automatically scale to 160 for all content in the game.

Of course, the One Tamriel update includes many other changes and fixes. Craglorn will be more accessible to solo and small group players. This zone was previously designed for full groups to experience. After The Elder Scrolls Online updates with One Tamriel, small groups and solo players should be able to completely explore the zone. As reported by the Inquisitr, this should afford all players a chance to complete the story arc in the zone. Additionally, each weapon now has an ultimate ability and all items will scale to the player’s natural level regardless of where it is looted according to the PlayStation Blog.

The Witchmother’s Cauldron is the item used to transform into an undead [Image by Bethesda]

Although the One Tamriel update will not release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One until next week, the Witches Festival starts in a matter of days. On October 13, players across all platforms can pick up the Crow Caller item which lets them partake in the ghoulish event. After picking up the free Crow Caller from the Crown Store, players can use it to start “The Witchmother’s Bargain” quest. This quest rewards an item, the Witchmother’s Cauldron, that lets players transform into an undead minion temporarily during the event. Slay bosses while turned into an undead for a chance at Plunder Skulls which contain holiday items like masks, recipes, the Hallojack motif, and others.

As noted on the official website for The Elder Scrolls Online, the item that turns players into an undead creature will only work during the event; however, the memento will remain in players’ collections. The undead polymorph lasts two hours after being applied and it can be applied as many times as a player wants during the Witches Festival event. The festivities will end on November 1.

Players of The Elder Scrolls Online can also anticipate owning a house in the future. Personal housing is coming to the game early next year. Houses are shared with all characters on a player’s account and they are purchased with gold. The first home is free after completing a quest line, but players can purchase as many homes as they can afford. Housing is instanced and friends can be invited to a home at the discretion of the owner. Each house follows a racial theme and comes in one of three sizes: small, medium, and large as stated on the PlayStation Blog.

With One Tamriel just around the corner, new and veteran console players alike should consider The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition. This bundle includes the base game, all four major DLCs, and a few extra goodies for physical purchases. The digital bundle, called “Guilds and Glory,” only includes the four DLCs. Either way, all content is heavily discounted compared to buying the items individually. Check out a brief description of each DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online thanks to Xbox’s Major Nelson site.

[Featured Image by Bethesda]

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