‘GTA V’ Begins Second Bikers Bonus Event With New Online Vehicles, Increased Property Limit

Following up on last week’s release of the new Bikers DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar Games is celebrating the title’s latest update by offering fans a second week of in-game bonuses and discounts as well as introducing new vehicles for purchase.

When GTA V‘s Bikers update first launched, the developer added more than a dozen new motorcycles to the game. To help players form whatever kind of biker gang they desired, the DLC featured several kinds of new motorcycle types ranging from sport bikes, street bikes, and even a three-wheeled trike.

Exactly one week after the launch of the Bikers DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar Games has now released a follow-up update to bring two more vehicles to the game. Offering players the chance to go for the classic chopper look, fans can now purchase a new model of GTA V‘s Daemon bike. The Western Daemon Custom features higher performance and new customization options that aren’t available on the default Daemon.

GTA Online Daemon Custom bike
The Western Daemon Custom is now available in GTA Online [Image via Rockstrar Games]

For those looking for something a little less traditional, today’s update also added another three-wheeled vehicle to Grand Theft Auto V. Unlike the trike, however, the new BF Raptor comes equipped with two wheels in the front and sports only a single back tire. The Raptor ATV feels like a hybrid between a car and a bike as it still features a full chassis that includes room for a normal-sized passenger seat. Players can pick up both of the vehicles from purchasing them from their phone inside GTA Online. The pair will set users back just under a million dollars in total.

GTA V BF Raptor
GTA Online's new BF Raptor is unlike anything currently in the game

In addition to adding the Daemon Custom and the BF Raptor, this week’s changes to Grand Theft Auto V also give fans the ability to pick up yet another property slot. This means that users can now own six personal properties alongside a yacht, CEO office, and the new motorcycle clubhouse. Since a clubhouse can store 10 different motorcycles, gamers can now own up to 70 vehicles in GTA Online if all six of their properties also include 10-car garages.

To celebrate the recent release of Grand Theft Auto Online‘s Bikers update, Rockstar Games is also currently hosting a special in-game event that will run for the next two weeks. During this time, players will earn twice the normal amounts of cash and RP for participating in the brand-new Slipstream Adversary Mode that was included in the title’s latest DLC. This newest Adversary Mode fittingly places teams of contestants on motorcycles as they try to cross through checkpoints together while using the new bike melee abilities to defeat their opponents.

Besides boosting payouts to the new motorcycle-based Adversary Mode, fans can also enjoy a series of discounts on select items within GTA Online. From now until October 24, all vehicle resprays, tire smoke, rims, and turbo tuning can be picked up for 25 percent off. Additionally, all ammunition and body armor is also on sale. For the remainder of the event, users can even use any of the phone services from Lester and Merryweather for only half their normal price. This will let fans remove their wanted level or call in helicopter support at great savings whenever they want.

Finally, anyone who simply logs onto Grand Theft Auto V at some point over the next two weeks will unlock an exclusive black hoodie that can only be acquired during this event.

All of this week’s new additions to Grand Theft Auto Online are a continuation of the game’s Bikers update. Similar to the previous CEO system that was added to GTA V earlier this year, the new DLC lets users purchase a series of warehouses to start their own in-game businesses. While these operations can only be played in public sessions, where players are at risk to attack, the Bikers update also added several new co-op missions.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, users can partake in a series of cooperative jobs after purchasing their own motorcycle clubhouse. Furthermore, these missions can even be done from within the safety of a private lobby. This ensures that only friends are allowed to join in the fun.

Do you plan on picking up one of the new vehicles or have you spent enough money in GTA V after purchasing a clubhouse last week?

[Featured Image by Rockstar Games]