Tom Hanks Exploited For Interview With Vintage Typewriter [Photo]

Tom Hanks has proven once again that he’ll go along with anything and that he’s awesome.

Exploiting the 56-year-old actor’s love for vintage typewriters, comedian Chris Hardwick sent Hanks a 1934 Smith Corona typewriter with a polite, typed note asking the actor if he’d be willing to make an appearance on one of Hardwick’s podcasts. The 80-year-old typewriter must have hit Hanks where it counts, as he responded to Hardwick with a typed letter of his own.

Incensed at Hardwick’s manipulation, and angry Hanks fumed:

“Just who do you think you are to try to briibe [sic] me into an appearance on your ‘thing’ with this gift of the most fantastic Cornona [sic] Silent typewriter made in 1934?”

Hanks continues in his deluge of criticism for Hardwick and his low tactics, but the siren-song of the typewriter is just too much for the actor, who gleefully remarks on the Corona’s “great action” and “deep crimson” ribbon.

“Oh, OKAY! I will have my people contact yours ad [sic] and work out some kind of interview process…” he relents. “Damn you all to hell,” he concludes before signing in his own hand.

Chris Hardwick (you might know him as the host of AMC’s Talking Dead) put an image of the typed letter up on Reddit yesterday, and it has since gone viral.

Tom Hanks is probably most upset because now anyone who wants an interview knows exactly what to do. Regardless, Tom Hanks is awesome.

Here’s the letter Tom Hanks drew up on his new vintage typewriter to Chris Hardwick:

Tom Hanks' letter to Chris Hardwick