Amber Portwood Throws Shade At Her ‘Teen Mom’ Co-Star: ‘It’s Time To Be Smart’

Amber Portwood has been working on herself this season, as she’s back on Teen Mom, and she wants to get herself in a good space. Amber wants to spend more time with her daughter, Leah, and she wants her ex-boyfriend, Gary Shirley, to give her more time with her daughter. Portwood has moved to a new house, and she’s worked hard to get back on her feet. She’s making her money by filming Teen Mom and flipping homes with her boyfriend, Matt Baier. While her relationship has had some ups and downs, it sounds like she’s focusing on herself these days to get back on her feet.

According to a new tweet, Amber Portwood is now revealing that she’s getting offers from other producers than the MTV producers, and it sounds like they see some potential in her. But unlike some of her other Teen Mom stars, Amber Portwood doesn’t want to film other reality shows in hopes of making more money. Several reality stars take whatever work is presented to them in order to cash in, but Amber doesn’t want to do that. Maybe that’s why she’s been focusing on flipping houses and really creating a long-lasting career.

“I just passed on a certain show because of my surgery so they went to the 3rd choice to take my place..wonder who that was lol??” Amber Portwood revealed on Twitter, throwing some shade at her co-star, who could be Farrah Abraham, adding, “No shade…well maybe a little bit of shade haha. This would be the 2nd time this has happened…I love not being a reality show puppet.”

One of the only people who has filmed several reality shows is Farrah Abraham. She appeared on Couples Therapy, but Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra also filmed that show. But in regards to surgery, only a few Teen Mom stars fit the bill. Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans have been open about having surgery, and it sounds like Amber Portwood may be joining them. But unlike her co-stars, Portwood may keep her surgery journey a secret.


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“What about when you run out of money?” one person asked Amber, hinting that the Teen Mom show will end one day, and the girls won’t have MTV as an income source, but Portwood may have thought about that, replying back, “I just don’t talk about it all the time to make myself look good.”

Of course, Farrah may be the richest of the Teen Mom stars because she took an offer to star in two adult films when she was at a low point in her career. She was rumored to be getting millions of dollars for her movies, and despite denying the planned sex tape, Abraham later came clean about it all. But Amber Portwood isn’t willing to sell herself for money because she never tried to be a millionaire. It sounds like Amber would much rather make less money and spend more time with her daughter, Leah.

“I never strive to be a millionaire or famous I just want to make sure my family and future is taken care of and we’re happy and healthy,” Amber Portwood revealed on Twitter, adding, “I never knew what I was doing when I was younger but now it’s time to be smart and be a woman. Just took me some time to mature lol.”

Over the past couple of weeks, Portwood has been working on getting fit, and she’s working on fixing everything in her life. It’s admirable that she’s working smarter rather than accepting reality television deals to get ahead.

What do you think of Amber Portwood throwing some shade at her Teen Mom co-star? Do you think she has a point about continuing in the reality television world?

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