Nikki Mudarris’ Brother Omar’s Death Revealed On ‘Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood’

In the recent episode of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood, Nikki Mudarris revealed a recent tragedy in her life. Her brother, Omar Mudarris, died from a drug overdose last year.

During the episode, Nikki attributed her brother’s death to her fleeting relationship with Safaree and Rosa Acosta.

In the previous episode of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood, Safaree confronted Rosa and Nikki in a nightclub. She also accused Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend of cheating, and their relationship is up in the air.

Nikki helped her mother move out of the house because memories of her only brother make them upset. Nikki stated that she is helping with the family business to help everyone cope with the tragedy.

During the episode, Nikki’s mother wants her to find a man, but she is using work as a distraction from brother death.

In a web exclusive with VH1, Nikki Mudarris breaks down as she talks about her brother’s death.

“While many (er, most) people think some of reality TV’s drama is fabricated or scripted, there are some emotions you just can’t ‘produce.’ Which is why when Nikki Mudarris spoke exclusively to about her brother who died unfortunately from an overdose in 2015, we were shocked to witness just how much she let her guard down in explaining her truest emotions,” VH1 reports.

She stated that her brother, Omar, pushed everybody away, which made her distance herself from him. In the video, Nikki expresses some regret that she could not help Omar more.

Her brother died at a young age, and Nikki says that it changed her outlook on life. Nikki focuses on her work to distract herself and make her brother proud, who she described as generous and very protective.

In a preview for the next episode of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood, Nikki seems to be working on her relationship with Safaree. It is unclear whether they are still in a relationship at this point. Despite her friend’s opposition, Nikki continued on with their relationship until all hell broke loose when he confronted Nikki and Rosa in a nightclub.

In a previous Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood interview, Nikki’s mother spoke about their relationship.

“In our cultures, we hold our daughters very, very dear to us,” Marcelle tells VH1. “We try to instill in them that you still need to have a good education, you have to work hard. You’ve got to be humble and grateful, and no matter what, be your own person.”

Mrs. Mudarris also addresses fans who “talk s**t” about her daughter.

“With Nikki, I’m her mother, I’m her best friend, I always tell Nikki, you know who you are, they don’t know who you are.”

Many fans tweeted their condolences to Nikki Mudarris after the episode aired.

During the episode of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood, A1 and Lyrica’s picnic blew up in a fight when the hip-hop producer brought Lyrica’s mother’s request that her daughter pays for her liposuction. Safaree and Teairra Marí were also at the picnic when A1 present’s Lyrica’s mother with a waist trainer.

Lyrica’s mom is offended and upset that A1 didn’t apologize for eloping with her daughter. A1 claps back saying that she is wrong for asking for money for liposuction.

Safaree has a hilarious reaction when a huge fight breaks out between Lyrica, A1, and their mothers.

Teairra Mari slams A1 for suggesting a waist trainer and accuses him of fat-shaming. A1 doesn’t understand how it is disrespectful, and Lyrica’s mom suggests A1’s mother wears it instead, which led to a heated exchange.

A huge fight broke out, and A1 and Lyrica’s marriage may be in trouble.

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