‘The Voice’ Feud: Could Miley Cyrus Be Replaced By Gwen Stefani On Season 12?

Could Miley Cyrus be replaced by Gwen Stefani on The Voice amid claims that Cyrus hasn’t exactly been getting along her fellow coaches?

According to reports, not only has Cyrus allegedly been ruffling the feathers of her fellow Voice coach Adam Levine, but she’s supposedly also not been seeing eye to eye with Season 9 coach Gwen in recent weeks amid reports that Stefani believes Miley is attempting to steal her thunder on the singing show.

OK! Magazine is alleging that Stefani is actually furious with Miley and supposedly isn’t too thrilled with how boyfriend Blake Shelton treats her on The Voice set while she’s away on her “This Is What The Truth Feels Like Tour.”

“When Miley turned up rocking Gwen’s signature blonde beehive for The Voice’s promotional photo shoot, Blake thought she looked adorable and texted Gwen a quick snap of her look,” a source said of how the supposed feud between Cyrus and Stefani began.

The insider then went on to claim that Stefani wasn’t happy with Cyrus’ appearance on the show and reportedly believes that Miley is being somewhat of a copycat on the set.

“Gwen was furious,” OK! Magazine’s source claimed of the supposed Voice drama between Stefani and Cyrus. “She’s already suspicious of Miley’s flirty ways, and dressing like her younger self really set off the warning bells.”

Miley and Gwen have not commented on the reports suggesting that there could be a feud brewing between them over The Voice, though this isn’t the first time it’s been rumored that Stefani and Cyrus haven’t exactly been getting along since it was announced that Miley would be joining Season 11 of the show.

Life & Style also alluded to drama between Miley and the former coach earlier this year, alleging that Stefani isn’t a fan of Cyrus’s famously flirty ways.

“Blake is friendly to everyone, and Gwen wants to make sure that Miley doesn’t misinterpret that as something else,” a source claimed at the time, adding that “Gwen wants to make sure Miley stays in her lane and doesn’t get flirty with Blake.”

“Gwen Stefani trusts Blake Shelton, but she knows Miley Cyrus can be very, very flirty,” added the Voice insider.

As rumors of a potential feud brewing between Stefani and Cyrus continue to swirl, it sounds like there could be a chance that fans of the show could potentially see Gwen return to the singing series in the place of Miley when Season 12 premieres next year.

OK! Magazine previously claimed that Cyrus hasn’t exactly been getting along with all of her fellow coach on The Voice, namely Adam Levine, and alleged that things were so bad on the set that Cyrus was considering making her first season her last and quitting the show.

“Miley’s dying to get out of there,” a source alleged amid the feud rumors between Cyrus and Levine. “Things are so bad. She’s had enough.”

Miley has not commented on the reports that she could be ready to quit The Voice after Season 11, though Radar Online claimed earlier this year that Blake has been pushing for Gwen’s return, revealing before Season 11 even premiered that Shelton had been encouraging executives to bring Stefani back.

“[Blake] is already asking them to bring [Gwen] back for Season 12,” an insider said ahead of Cyrus’s debut on the show, “and Season 11 hasn’t even started yet!”

The source then went on to claim that Shelton and Stefani were both livid when it was announced that Cyrus would be joining the coaching team but alleged that the couple are now in talks with producers to sit alongside each other once again when Season 12 premieres in 2017.

The Voice executives already know that Gwen and Blake together is ratings gold because they saw it,” the site revealed, but did not confirm if Stefani could potentially replace Cyrus amid the feud rumors. “Right now Blake, Gwen and the bosses are in a back and forth bidding war over their contracts.”

While The Voice has yet to announce which of its array of superstars will be back for Season 12, NBC president Paul Telegdy confirmed to E! News back in January that he and the entire Voice crew would like to see Stefani back for another season.

“We’d love to see Gwen back,” he admitted prior to the announcement that Miley would be joining The Voice panel for Season 11. “She’s a great friend of this network, we love her, the audience loves her, lots of people love her.”

Would you like to see Gwen Stefani return to The Voice in the place of Miley Cyrus?

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