Joe Jonas Criticized For Sexist Comment About Ex-Girlfriend Demi Lovato

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Joe Jonas may have experienced the most uncomfortable moment of his life when he was stuck in an elevator with Demi Lovato, the celebrity singer with whom he enjoyed a romance that lasted for only a couple of months. According to Hollywood Life, the former lovers created a stir in the media when it was discovered that Demi Lovato was trapped along with Joe Jonas and his other DNCE band members in an elevator for over four hours.

The incident took place when the duo was scheduled to perform exclusively for J.W. Marriott’s loyal customers who are part of the Marriott Rewards program. However, the two pop singers have remained unaffected by the media hype that focused more on the awkwardness of the celebrities rather than the elevator itself, whose failure could have proved serious for the people who frequently use the service.

Joe and Demi first met each other on the set of Camp Rock, the 2008 movie featured on the Disney Channel. Nevertheless, the pair has remained professional friends ever since they ended their romance in 2010, and Joe Jonas has even performed with his ex-girlfriend in a number of concerts since their split. In fact, after announcing their breakup in 2010, the former lovers got together and carried out at a summer concert in Dallas.

Recently, Demi teamed with Nick Jonas, Joe’s younger brother, to perform together during the “Future Now Tour,” a series of concerts that aimed to promote Demi’s Confident album. At one point of the tour, Demi and Nick were also joined by Joe Jonas to perform a selection of Camp Rock songs.

Not much is known about the actual reason behind the couple’s breakup, but Joe Jonas was recently criticized for harboring a sexist attitude towards Demi during a Facebook Live interview conducted during their stay at Los Angeles’s J.W. Marriott. While answering a question about their future career plans, Joe Jonas was surprised to learn that a confident Demi wanted to pursue her career by traveling internationally instead of planning to have children.

“I thought you were going to say children.”

According to Refinery29, it wasn’t appropriate for Joe Jonas to expect that his ex-girlfriend would give up her career to have children when no such expectation is automatically made of men.

Watch the interview here.

Clearly, Demi’s fitting reply was no less than a counterpunch for the “Take It and Run” singer, who had once crossed swords with Lorde, the feminist singer, because she had dissed Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez for being anti-feminist.

Joe Jonas might have taken a metaphorical beating from his former partner during the interview, but it seems he has also prepared himself for another type of battle with Ava Knight, the female boxer who is the current World Boxing Champion. A recent Instagram video of Joe Jonas showed the “Just in Love” singer standing calmly as Ava Knight hurls a blow into his six-pack abdomen. Joe Jonas’s well-chiseled body and muscular abdomen bear witness to the singer’s penchant for physical fitness.

Light work ???? nothing like a 5 time fly-weight champ giving you some love taps @avaknightboxing

A video posted by J O E J O N A S (@joejonas) on

According to Foods 4 Better Health, the “Love Slayer” singer has clearly taken his fitness seriously as revealed by the comments of his security guard who accompanies him during his jogging session.

“He’s really ripped and in very good condition. I like to go running, so he usually goes with me and always pushes me to the limit.”

In fact, Joe Jonas has taken his workout to the next level by including activities like kickboxing and extreme sports in his fitness schedule. The singer’s extreme dedication to his workouts can be explained by the fact that his live performances require him to remain active and energetic. For that reason, Joe Jonas claims to rely on protein bars and sports drinks from Luna and Gatorade to compliment his rigorous workouts.

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