Black Ink Crew Chicago Season 2 Episode 3: Ashley And Don Clash In Explosive Fight


In Black Ink Crew Chicago Season 2 Episode 3 Danielle Jamison is moving in with her boyfriend, and their relationship seems stronger than ever after he refused to make their relationship official.

She reveals that she had a brief relationship with Ryan, but she is happy in her current relationship.

Don took a paternity test and took it to his brother Phor’s house so that Ashley couldn’t see the results before him.

Black Ink Crew Chicago‘s Don found out that he is in fact the father and he has a daughter. He announced the news earlier this year, and we see his reaction in this episode. He reveals that he is afraid to talk to Ashley about his daughter.

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Fans of Black Ink Crew Chicago joke that Don doesn’t need a paternity test due to their likeness.

Van Johnson is released from prison and accuses the police of racially profiling him on his gun charge. The tattoo artist spends time with his daughter after four months in prison. Van has to wear an ankle monitor because he is still on parole for about three months.

He needs permission to leave his house and work as a condition of his parole. Van assures his daughter than he is never returning to prison.

Don goes on a drinking binge after finding out he has a daughter, and single Ryan Henry gets some attention from the ladies. Phor’s on and off girlfriend Nikki comes in to 9Mag to get her tribal tattoo upgraded. Phor suggests that they take things further, and she seems to like the idea.

Black Ink Crew Chicago‘s Danielle Jamison meets up with Kat and invites her to her birthday celebration, which she planned on having at 9Mag. She doesn’t want Kat and Charmaine to have another altercation during the celebration.

Kat suggests that Charmaine started their last fight and there will be no issue if she doesn’t start one.

Ashley complains about Don’s recent behavior not knowing that he has gotten the paternity results as he puts off confronting her.

Ashely questions her engagement to Don as his old pattern of behavior is emerging. She then rants about a picture he has with Charmaine on Snapchat and takes her friends advice to confront him over their current issues.

Ashley shows up to Danielle’s birthday party to meet up with Don, who has already had a few drinks. Don tries to ignore his fiancée, and he walks away from her when she starts yelling at him for not coming home.

Ryan tries dating due to his family nagging him about it. He reveals that he hasn’t dated in about three years, and he tells his date Rima that he doesn’t make time for a relationship.

Back at Danielle’s birthday party, a drunk Charmaine confronts Ashley and her friends after overhearing their conversation.

Ashley confronts Charmaine over the Snapchat photo with Don. She says that she won’t sleep with him again and its nothing more than a picture.

As Don approaches, Charmaine gets into a fight with one of Ashley’s friends, and all hell breaks loose. Kat jumps to Charmaine’s defense, which confuses her due to their last fight.

Don tries to calm down Ashley and her crew, but she blames the incident on his behavior. Ashley attacks Don, and he continues to try and calm her down.

Charmaine gets into another fight with Ashley’s friend, and she loses her wig in the fight.

Phor confronts Ashley but gets nowhere. In the final scene, Ashley then threatens to leave Don, and she still doesn’t know that he has a daughter.

How will Ashley react to the news?

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