‘Big Brother: Over The Top’ Spoilers: Is Monte Week 2 Target, Is Scott In Jeopardy, What Is House Plan For Eviction?

Strategizing by houseguests in power and in jeopardy was the main theme reflected on the Big Brother: Over the Top live feeds Monday. In Week 2 of the game, the house is virtually divided regarding targets for eviction, but most of the cast members have a particular person in mind to send packing.

It should be noted that the Week 2 Head of Household (HOH) is Alex Willett, according to Joker’s Updates. After this weekend’s Safety Ceremony was complete, Danielle Lickey and her showmance partner Shane Chapman were nominated for eviction.

On Monday, the cast members learned that America’s Nominee for Big Brother: Over the Top eviction week 2 was Monte Massongill.


Shane won the Power of Veto (POV) and will surely remove himself from the chopping block during Tuesday’s Veto Meeting, slated to take place at 1 p.m. Big Brother: Over the Top house time. This means Alex will be forced to choose a replacement nominee to take Shane’s place on the block.


As it stands now, one side of the house seems dead set on getting Monte out of the Big Brother: Over the Top game, but due to the POV upset, they also had another target in mind as a replacement nominee, should Monte find his way to safety this week.


Danielle, Shane, Kryssie Ridolfi, Jason Roy, and Justin Duncan have formed an alliance of sorts and have been seen on live feeds pushing hard for Alex to put Scott Dennis on the block as a replacement nominee.


Despite their aggressive stance, Alex and her alliance made up of Whitney Hogg, Shelby Stockton, Morgan Willett, and Monte have conspired and determined Alex should probably choose Kryssie to replace Shane.


Regarding alliances in the Big Brother: Over the Top house, Scott and Neeley Jackson seem to be swing players and continually appear on the outskirts of both of the major groups in the game.

Alex and her crew have also thrown Danielle’s name around as a serious target to go home this week. However, they have also argued Kryssie should be evicted Wednesday.


Due to a punishment garnered during the October 10, POV golf-themed competition, Scott is Sand Trapped, and must now sit for 24 hours straight in a Big Brother: Over the Top sand trap with food and water delivered to him by the other houseguests, according to Daily Hamsterwatch.


In addition, Alex and her group, including Monte, discussed on live feeds how Alex should not pick Scott as a replacement nominee because he’s been treated badly by the others. Over the past few days, Scott has been blamed for things that apparently had nothing to do with him, he is a Have Not, and he is now suffering a POV punishment.


Nonetheless, in the Have Not room Alex and Morgan (sisters who are keeping their sibling relationship a secret from the others) talked one-on-one about going against what their allies want and putting Scott on the block, confident Monte will still go home.

Clearly, there is no solid Big Brother: Over the Top house plan in place right now. One side wants Monte gone for good and Scott evicted as a second choice; another side wants either Danielle or Kryssie to be sent packing, and the secret sister alliance between Alex and Morgan seems to accept the idea that Monte will be evicted, so Scott might be the perfect replacement nominee.


Until the POV ceremony is held and the live eviction takes place on October 12, anything can happen inside the Big Brother: Over the Top house to change cast member’s minds.


It still appears, however, that Monte is the most likely houseguest to be sent home this week since America chose him to be a nominee and will probably use its one eviction vote on him.

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