Scott Baio: Trump Tapes ‘What Guys Talk About’ When Women Not Around [Video]

Actor Scott Baio of Happy Days fame, one of few recognizable Hollywood names to come out in support of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, has drawn both heat and support from social media users for comments made with Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro with regard to the dump of lewd Donald Trump audio recordings made available to the public last week.

The Scott Baio Trump tapes comments quickly drew attention from internet users both supporting and panning his words.

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Pirro started her conversation with Baio by describing a trip they took together to Trump Tower in New York City and asking him his opinion on the controversy surrounding Donald Trump, the leaked audio recordings, and previous comments the 56-year-old has made with regard to Trump’s “regular guy” demeanor.

“First of all. I think that 11 years ago that Trump was a Democrat. So doesn’t he deserve a pass?” Baio asked Judge Pirro.

The judge chuckled in reply.

“I like Trump because he’s not a politician,” the Chachi Arcola actor explained. “He talks like a guy. Ladies out there, this is what guys talk about when you’re not around. So if you’re offended by it: grow up. And by the way, this is what you guys [women] talk about over white wine when you have your brunches. So take it easy with your phony outrage…”

Baio’s words caused Pirro to recoil and laugh.

“I don’t talk like that,” the Fox News host chuckled with regard to the lewd audio recordings of Donald Trump speaking with Billy Bush where he describes moving on a woman like “a b*****” and how he has learned that his fame allows him to grab women by “the p****.”

The Scott Baio Trump tape defense continued with the judge nervously smiling and the actor that portrayed Arthur Fonzarelli’s younger cousin chiding her that “this is the way the world works.”

Pirro expressed agreement with the actor and stated that many politicians with experience in the sporting world had distanced themselves from Donald Trump since the release of the recordings, but that Trump’s behavior “is the kind of thing that is not unusual.” She did allow that she, personally, found Trump’s language to be “horrific.”

Judge Pirro asked the actor how Donald Trump could “convince women” to vote him in the face of such outrageous audio that may lead some to think that he is a “pig.”

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“By saying I’m a guy. This is how we talk,” Baio said, sounding somewhat exasperated.

The actor described a belief that Donald Trump supporters are more interested in the way the Republican is going to “fix stuff” and how Hillary Clinton is going to “wreck the country.” He discussed Clinton’s support of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, through numerous extramarital affairs and her plans for “open borders.”

Scott Baio asserted that if Hillary Clinton can accept Bill Clinton’s transgressions, she is then obligated to accept Donald Trump for “being a guy.”

Pirro ran footage of a Zach Galifianakis Between Two Ferns interview asking Clinton if she felt regrets about losing Scott Baio’s vote. Since appearing at the Republican National Convention in July, Baio’s support of Trump has been well-documented.

“No,” Clinton replied to Galifianakis flatly, in an interview that crosses the line between satire and journalism repeatedly.

Pirro and Baio each laughed at Clinton’s lack of remorse for losing the Chachi vote in the Galifianakis interview.

The actor expressed “concern” that he was showing up on the Clinton campaign’s “radar screen” because people that disagree with the Democratic nominee “tend to disappear.”

Baio’s words caused Pirro to stop and then laugh nervously.

Perhaps deflecting the actor’s comments, Pirro shifted the conversation back to what Baio was looking for from Trump at Sunday evening’s debate.

Scott Baio’s Twitter account followers and observers continue to weigh in on the actor’s comments. What do you think about the Scott Baio-Trump tapes comments and reaction on social media? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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