‘GMA’s’ Lara Spencer Opens Up About Her Health Condition And Recovery On ‘The Dr. Oz Show’

Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer opened up about her latest health condition and recovery on The Dr. Oz Show on Friday. The 47-year-old GMA co-anchor was off the show for almost a month to get surgery for hip dysplasia. As an active individual, it was hard for Lara to hear from her doctor that she was in need of a hip replacement. She was blindsided to hear that a condition that normally impacts older people was happening to her.

As Wellbuzz reports, Lara Spencer explained to Dr. Oz that she felt repeated groin pulls and unexplained pain while playing. She got cortisone shots in the beginning, then she was informed by her doctor that she had hip dysplasia after an MRI was done. She needed a hip replacement.

Lara Spencer wanted to share her experience with others because she figured a lot of other people out there were probably going through the same thing.

“I felt a community, so many people reached out to me after I revealed that I had to do this. And I had to. Most people can just talk to their kids or their family, I live a public life,” Lara Spencer said.

Dr. Oz reassured Lara that the number of women before the age of 50 getting hip replacements has doubled in the last five years. It’s not about age, but wear and tear.

Lara said having hip dysplasia is an “active person’s problem,” not an “old person’s problem.” She shared that she’s “young at heart” and “just got to a place where I thought, ‘there is no shame in being honest.'”

Lara Spencer had a swift recovery. What normally takes a patient three to six months to recover from took the GMA host only four weeks. She posted several photos on her Instagram account of her vigorously exercising and riding stationary bikes. She was determined to resume her normal life as soon as possible.

“I decided to approach this like a sporting event,” Spencer said. “I knew I had a month in a half or almost two months to prepare, so I just got my core as strong as I possibly could so that when it came time for the recovery, I was as ready as I could possibly be.”

It was that fighting spirit that enabled Lara to get up and walk with a cane only 24 hours after the hip surgery!

A photo of Lara’s old hip bone was shown on The Dr. Oz Show. Dr. Oz invited her to put on a pair of purple gloves and look at another person’s hip bone that he had sitting underneath a blue sheet on the table. They went over the process of a hip replacement and an x-ray taken of Spencer’s hip before surgery was revealed. She has an artificial piece placed in her hip socket.

Lara Spencer amazed viewers of Good Morning America when she returned to work in mid-September. She appeared on the show with the bedazzled cane that helped get her through the four-week convalescence. Although she’s for the most part back to normal, she’s not in a hurry to put on heels. She told Dr. Oz that she’s “feeling” the flats right now. When she was introduced to the show, she joked that “Titanium” should’ve been playing when she came out. She tried mimicking a runway model’s walk before she took a seat.

For anyone getting a hip replacement, Lara Spencer is definitely a positive role model and proves age isn’t a significant factor with this health condition.

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