Who Is Mia Goth? Shia LaBeouf’s Girlfriend Marries Him In Vegas, Wedding Possibly Live-Streamed

Mia Goth

The internet is full of “who is Mia Goth” searches today after actor Shia LaBeouf, 30, reportedly married her in Las Vegas. According to TMZ, the Transformers actor has been dating Goth since the two met on the set of Nymphomaniac: Volume II back in 2012.

This past March, Goth was spotted wearing an engagement ring, and the media reported that she and LaBeouf had taken their relationship to the next level.

Now, seven months later, it looks like Mia Goth and Shia LaBeouf are married!

According to the report, Goth and LaBeouf showed up at the Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel in Nevada on Monday. The chapel, known for their theme weddings, has various packages to choose from, and couples can get married by a variety of impersonators from Elvis to Alice Cooper.

Mia Goth and Shia LaBeouf were married by Elvis.

For those who don’t know who Mia Goth is, she’s a British actress and model. Although she isn’t extremely well-known, you may recognize her from her role in Nymphomaniac: Vol. II or from when she played Sophie Campbell in the series The Tunnel. She also starred in Everest and The Survivalist, both released in 2015.

Although Mia Goth doesn’t have as long of a resume as her husband, she has been hard at work this year. She recently finished filming Marrowbone and A Cure For Wellness, both expected to be released in 2017. Her latest gigs include roles in Suspiria and High Life, both of which she will be working on as a married woman.

According to X17 Online, Shia LaBeouf actually live-streamed his wedding. It is unknown if or when he will be posting the video footage on social media. Fans have been keeping a close eye on his Twitter account — where there has not been any activity since June 23 — since the news of his wedding broke.

“The short ceremony included some Elvis covers, as well as a classic Bruce Springsteen tune. While this may be a shotgun wedding, both Shia and Mia’s moms were in attendance. We’d say the whole thing was sweet — but really it’s just weird.”

Mia Goth, 23, and Shia LaBeouf’s relationship hasn’t been all roses. According to Hollywood Life, the couple actually got into a pretty serious fight last year, one that allegedly turned physical.

“The actor was accused of getting physical with Mia during a violent fight in 2015. The two were in Germany when the altercation went down, and although there is no photographic evidence that Shia was abusive, shocking footage of the alleged argument shows the 30-year-old issuing some scary threats to his lady. However, they were obviously able to work out their differences.”

Mia Goth is not active on social media. She and Shia have kept their relationship as private as they can and have not chosen to share any details about their love with the world. If Mia and Shia did live-stream their wedding — or just video the whole thing to share later on — it wouldn’t really be like them. However, LaBeouf has done plenty of strange things over the past few years, so nothing would actually surprise us.

Need an example? Check out this YouTube video of the 10 most ridiculous things that Shia LaBeouf has done.

Do you think that Mia Goth and Shia LaBeouf make a good couple? Do you think that their Las Vegas wedding will be the start of a successful marriage? Sound off in the comments below.

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