Alyson Hannigan Campaigns For Better School Equipment As She Tries To Leave Her ‘American Pie’ Legacy Behind Her

Alyson Hannigan Box Tops children school

Alyson Hannigan is a happy mother nowadays as her two daughters, Satyana and Keeva, find it exciting to attend school. Alyson Hannigan believes her daughters’ affinity towards their school can be attributed to their school’s management, which strives to provide all the facilities and equipment that can be enjoyed by the students as a part of their education.

Recalling her own school days, the How I Met Your Mother actress revealed that she would often get upset when her school failed to provide her with the requisites that were necessary to enjoy an art class. In fact, the actress has always felt sad to see schools struggling to provide the basic essentials to enthusiastic students whose hard-working parents are expecting the best for their children.

For this reason, the American Wedding actress immediately grabbed the opportunity to participate in the Box Tops for Education initiative, and in particular, its Don’t Be Absent from School campaign. General Mills is the main driving force behind the Box Tops program, which encourages both parents and students to purchase a product with a Box Top “clip” that can be cashed in to fund their schools.

As a part of the newly launched campaign, Alyson Hannigan will be playing the role of a teacher in a video that will highlight the key role the program has played in making schools even more enjoyable for their eager students. Earlier, the actress gained immense popularity by playing the role of Lily Aldrin, a kindergarten teacher, in the CBS comedy sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Her onscreen persona as a school teacher may play a significant role in positively influencing the General Mills education campaign.

Besides Alyson Hannigan, Dave Coulier and Mario Lopez have also signed up to highlight the disadvantages that children may experience if their schools don’t stock critical supplies for education. According to the Celebrity Cafe, Alyson spoke about the effectiveness of the General Mills program by citing the results achieved by the company.

“[General Mills] have raised over 780 million dollars for schools. It helps schools buy the supplies that are sort of the first things on the chopping block when the budget cuts come in like art supplies or computer labs.”

Besides featuring in the education campaign, Alyson Hannigan will be reportedly playing a lead role in TV Land’s television remake of The First Wives Club, the 1996 comedy film that featured Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn, and Bette Midler. Currently, TV Land has filmed the pilot episode of the upcoming show that will also feature Megan Hilty.

While hoping that the pilot is well-received by the audience, Alyson Hannigan has expressed her enthusiasm for working on the television series whose story is likely to evolve in an interesting way over the years. The American Pie actress is a veteran when it comes to television programs, as the actress has been acting in various television series since 1989 when she made her television debut in Free Spirit, ABC’s fantasy sitcom.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was another popular television in which Alyson Hannigan played a major role. The fantasy television series played an important part in changing the actress’s life because it not only enabled her to grow professionally but it also helped her to meet Alexis Denisof, her future husband. According to Wetpaint, Alyson spoke about how Alexis, her husband of 12 years, is keen to grow their happy family.

“My husband would have a litter if it were up to him. He would definitely have more kids in a heartbeat. But I like two; it’s perfect.”

It is clear that Alyson Hannigan’s life has evolved just like the life of Michelle Flaherty, her bold character in the American Pie series. According to News Australia, many of Alyson’s fans find it hard to believe that she is now a mother of two as they still remember her as American Pie’s Michelle, who featured in some of the most hilarious scenes within the movie series.

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