NFL Rumors: Marc Trestman Fired By Baltimore Ravens

The conservative approach is no longer acceptable for the Baltimore Ravens. Head coach John Harbaugh has decided to fire offensive coordinator Marc Trestman, as reported by CBS Sports. Quarterbacks coach Marty Mornhinweg will now be tasked with opening up the offense so that Joe Flacco can be put to better use.

As of right now, the Baltimore Ravens are sitting on a 3-2 record. A large part of their problem is the fact that their offense simply has not been of much use. They are ranked in the bottom third of the NFL when it comes to yards and points. That is unacceptable when you have a franchise quarterback.

Not surprisingly, John Harbaugh released a statement about the firing of Marc Trestman. Showing that he is excellent at public relations, something of a job requirement when you are a head coach in the NFL, Harbaugh made sure not to place the entire blame on Trestman.


Marc Trestman was considered an offensive guru by his peers in the NFL. That was one of the biggest reasons why he was able to convince the Chicago Bears to give him a chance as their head coach. Unfortunately, though, Trestman was fired because he failed to win more than 13 games in two seasons with the Bears.

Marty Mornhinweg has been coaching in the NFL for a little more than two decades now. He’s earned quite the reputation as an offensive guru. Mornhinweg spent nearly a decade working under Andy Reid, whom many consider one of the best offensive minds in the National Football League.

Now that Marty Mornhinweg is back to being an offensive coordinator, he will be tasked with making the Baltimore Ravens a bit more explosive on that side of the ball. There were internal frustrations over the conservative style of Marc Trestman.

Baltimore Ravens coach Marty Mornhinweg
Marty Mornhinweg [Image by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images]

Marc Trestman has been criticized for abandoning the running game. He preferred to utilize short passing routes instead. With a very talented running back in Terrance West on the roster, that appeared to be a waste of resources in the eyes of many in the NFL.

Another thing that Marc Trestman was criticized for is the fact that he was not willing to pull the trigger on vertical routes. Joe Flacco happens to have one of the strongest arms in the NFL. He also loves nothing more than to launch deep passes on big plays.

The Baltimore Ravens have been cycling through offensive coordinators quite a bit. Over the past five years, five different coaches have held the position. Gary Kubiak and Jim Caldwell were able to convey their success into head coaching gigs. Cam Cameron and Marc Trestman were both fired, while Marty Mornhinweg just stepped up to the plate.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco
Joe Flacco [Image by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images]

Interestingly enough, when the Baltimore Ravens decided to fire Cam Cameron in the middle of the season and replaced him at offensive coordinator with Jim Caldwell, the team managed to beat the San Francisco 49ers for the Super Bowl.

The Baltimore Ravens are hoping that the change at offensive coordinator will work out as well for them as it has for the Buffalo Bills. Head coach Rex Ryan removed Greg Roman after going 0-2. With Anthony Lynn running the offense, the Bills have won three games in a row, including a much-publicized victory over the New England Patriots.

When an NFL team struggles, all of the blame cannot be placed on one individual. Unfortunately for Marc Trestman, he had to be the guy to take the fall for the Baltimore Ravens. The team will now see if the change will be advantageous.

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