‘RHOC’ Star Vicki Gunvalson Threatens To Expose Shannon Beador, What Could She Possibly Know?

Vicki Gunvalson is struggling to find friends as Season 11 of The Real Housewives of Orange County rolls on.

In her latest attempt to stay relevant, the RHOC star threatened to expose Shannon Beador’s secret about her marriage. How did Beador react to Gunvalson’s threat to expose Shannon Beador’s secret about her marriage?

E! Online is reporting that Gunvalson tried to rekindle her friendship with Beador after the Books Ayers cancer scandal in Season 10.

Now, Gunvalson is pulling out all the stops and threatens to expose Beador if she doesn’t stop the hating.

“Shannon’s been accusing me of lying for over a year now, and I know she’s been lying about something about her marriage. I’m tired of it,” Gunvalson stated. “She’s got to stop pushing my buttons. She pushes the wrong button, it’s all over and it’s going to be very hurtful for her and her family.”

Gunvalson’s secret must have been huge because Beador buddied up with the OG at Heather Dubrow’s party shortly after the threat.

As fans will recall, Beador and Gunvalson had a huge falling out after the events of last season. Reality Tea reports that their dislike for each other reached an all-time high this season. At one point, Beador called Gunvalson “plain cruel” for spreading gossip behind her back.

'RHOC' Star Shannon Beador Is Still 'Trying To Connect The Dots' Surrounding Brooks Ayers Fake Cancer Claims [Image via Bravo]
Shannon Beador stood by Vicki Gunvalson last season when everyone else questioned her relationship with Brooks Ayers. [Image by Bravo]

Beador could barely stand to be in the same room as Gunvalson in the latest episode. However, by the end of the installment, Beador was inspecting her former friend for hickeys.

“I have no idea what Vicki could possibly have on Shannon, but I think Shannon is scared and that’s why she’s being nice to Vicki,” Tamra Judge explained. “It’s all very suspicious.”

According to Us Magazine, the episode ended before Gunvalson revealed her secret about Beador. It isn’t known what kind of dirt Vicki Gunvalson has on her co-star, but it’s clearly something important enough to make Beador behave nicely towards the homeopathic queen.

That being said, the Inquisitr previously reported that Beador denied the reports that Gunvalson is holding a big secret over her head.

“In true Vicki fashion, she accused me of lying. I do not lie and I have not lied. She is making something up…again,” Beador wrote on her Bravo blog. “And I was blown away at her threats to me during her interview commentary. She claims to have secrets about my marriage and that is a joke.”

Beador referenced Gunvalson’s interview on the show where she revealed that the secret had something to do with Beador’s husband, David.


“I am an open book that let everyone into a humiliating affair last year. We all know Vicki has the reputation of lying and deflection,” Beador continued. “To hear Donn say that Vicki is a ‘lying sack of dog s***’ in the flashback kind of says it all.”

If Beador is convinced that Gunvalson doesn’t know anything, then why did she change her tune towards Gunvalson during Dubrow’s book party?

“I will never be her good friend, but that doesn’t mean I can’t share a cocktail or a laugh with her from time to time,” Beador explained. “So when I made the effort to do just that, it was almost hurtful to hear Tamra and Heather say that they think that I am ‘afraid of Vicki’ or that my interaction with her was ‘odd.’ Which is it? I never have been or will be afraid of Vicki Gunvalson.”

There’s no telling what kind of secrets Gunvalson knows about Beador’s marriage. Fans can only hope everything comes to light as Season 11 continues to unfold.

Fans can watch the drama unfold as the Real Housewives of Orange County stars head across the pond to Ireland in the next all-new episode Monday night on Bravo. Check out a preview here.

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