Selena Gomez Not To Blame For Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Divorce Amid Justin Bieber Feud


Selena Gomez is not at fault for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce, Gossip Cop confirms, despite a report via Celeb Dirty Laundry claiming otherwise.

The news outlet outrageously insinuates that Gomez was having an affair with Pitt behind Angelina’s back, and when the news broke that the Hollywood couple was divorcing, Selena was anything but shocked because she was already informed by Brad beforehand.

The celebrity gossip site goes on to stress that the breakup between Angelina and Brad was bound to be expected — especially after Jolie allegedly found photos of Selena Gomez on her husband’s cell phone, which supposedly left her outraged.

Previous reports had speculated whether the duo’s divorce was down to one or the other stepping out of their marriage and hooking up with other people, and Celeb Dirty Laundry seems to be certain that Selena Gomez played a part in the devastating split between Brad and his soon-to-be ex-wife.

The outlet writes, “Now, there are even more reports that say Angelina Jolie went ballistic after discovering photos of Selena Gomez she found on Brad Pitt’s cell phone. It just added to the already long list of problems that the couple was having.”

Selena wants her fans to think that she’s still heartbroken over her split from Justin Bieber so that she can continue her secret romance with Brad, CDL adds. “There’s no way she would want to go back to a man who openly cheats on his girlfriends with a different female companion each week.”

The report concludes by saying that Angelina Jolie has many insecurities of her own, so to allegedly find photos of Selena on Brad’s phone were the first signs that triggered her to think the twosome were hooking up. An insider adds that the Disney Channel star “knew it was best to stay undercover” until the divorce headlines died down — it’ll only be weeks before Brad and Selena confirm their love for one another.

News of Selena Gomez’s secret romance with Brad Pitt comes just weeks after the singer famously decided to quit social media, stressing that her battle with anxiety and lupus had worsened in the midst of her nationwide “Revival Tour,” which was subsequently canceled because of it.

Selena was recently spotted at a restaurant in Tennessee, but there’s still no word on when she plans to make her anticipated comeback to Hollywood just yet. For now, all that fans know is that she’s taking a break from the hectic lifestyle she became so accustomed to since she was just a teenager.

Regarding her supposed cheating affair with Brad, Gossip Cop affirms that fans should not be holding out for an official response from Selena Gomez, because according to the news site, her rep is branding the story as complete bogus.

Gomez has yet to repair her relationship with Justin Bieber — the last thing she’d be thinking about is breaking up a couple that had been together for 11 years. Her feud with Justin exploded over the summer, when Selena made slight digs at Bieber’s romance with Sofia Richie, stressing that if the 22-year-old was tired of seeing people be mean to his then-girlfriend, he should stop posting photos of her on his Instagram page.

It led Justin to respond by saying that Selena Gomez allegedly used him for fame and fortune, before insinuating that she cheated on him with Zayn Malik. Days after the incident, Gomez abruptly decided to cancel the remaining dates of her tour and go on an unexpected hiatus.

With all that said, are you excited for Selena’s comeback?

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