New York Comic-Con 2016: HBO’s ‘Westworld’ Showrunner Jonathan Nolan Teases Season 2 At NYCC Panel

HBO Original: 'Westworld'

HBO’s Westworld Comic-con panel at the New York Comic-con is already talking about the show’s Season 2 as the series begins to gather a bigger fan base in what appears to be another potential hit TV series from the hone of the Game of Thrones.

Westworld has repeatedly been compared to Game of Thrones since it was first introduced, and sure enough, the science fiction-Wild West mix is beginning to appeal to many viewers like what happened with the epic drama series based on George R.R. Martin’s saga A Song of Ice and Fire.

During New York Comic-Con, Westworld‘s growing fan base was treated to an early screening of the show’s second episode titled “Chestnut,” where the cast is significantly expanded and the mysterious world becomes more fascinating.

While the show is only at its second episode since premiering last week, Westworld showrunners were already talking about Season 2 during the New York Comic-Con panel event.

Taking lead point, Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are avoiding any chance of giving away too much information on the next season of the HBO original series, leaving even the show’s cast in the dark about what is to come.

“As the performers, you only knew exactly what they let you know,” Westworld cast member Jimmi Simpson told the NYCC audiences, as quoted by the Entertainment Weekly.

But acceptance of that fact doesn’t mean that the cast are not as frustrated by the lack of information as the fans, as Ben Barnes expressed exactly that when speaking about Nolan and Joy’s spoiler-allergic strategy.

“It was the perfect amount. I found it infuriating.”

Despite that, the actors said that they are catching up and connecting clues in the episodes they shoot, no matter how subtle they may be.

“We see these episodes time and time again, and suddenly you’re noticing these subtle things. You’ll pick up [clues],” Thandie Newton tells the audience.

When it was Nolan’s turn at the microphone, the Westworld co-creator revealed how he was able to come up with the different style of portraying the show different from its movie counterpart.

Apparently, the showrunner did make Westworld appear more like a video game as previously reported, and that is all thanks to his wife.

“We played some as research for making this show, as when (Michael) Crichton first wrote his movie, video games literally didn’t exist except for PONG. I’m happy to report my wife is the world’s most boring Grand Theft Auto player.”

Aside from that, Nolan revealed that, while HBO has yet to decide whether or not Westworld is worth renewing for another season, he and the writers of the show are already working on Season 2.

“We’re currently breaking the second season. I tend to have a problem stopping [my writing].”

At the time, he also compared the massive difference between writing for TV and for theaters, noting how the former gives him a sense of freedom in a sense that he is able to venture into different storylines and twists without any restraint.

Talking about the show’s theme, Nolan expressed his fascination with artificial intelligence and revealed how it all began.

“The idea of the anthropomorphic artificial intelligence, the idea of AI, in a sense, cobbled to have to look like us and act like us was, for me, something I haven’t tackled before,” he said, adding that his interest in the topic was piqued when he was co-writing Interstellar.

HBO’s Westworld airs every Sunday at 9 pm EST.

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