Cast Of ‘Power Rangers’ Reboot Talk About The Darker Tone Coming To The Franchise

Many feel as if remaking or rebooting a film means that there is a loss of creativity or originality in Hollywood. While that does turn out to be true in some instances, it isn’t always the case. Lionsgate is breathing new life into the Power Rangers franchise and the recent release of the trailer shows that it is nothing like anyone remembers. Meanwhile, at the New York Comic-Con, the director and cast spoke on the much darker tone that the new film will bring.

As revealed by Coming Soon, the first teaser trailer for Power Rangers was released this week and it is something that is not like anyone may have expected to see. The trailer appeared online before making its official debut at the New York Comic-Con 2016, and Lionsgate certainly didn’t disappoint.

Yes, it’s something entirely different for those that are familiar with the franchise, and it should come as no surprise that this won’t be the Power Rangers of old.

As the team of young stars came together at NYCC, it was interesting to hear the path that this new reboot will take. Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Dacre Montgomery, Becky G, and Ludi Lin were there and Collider reported that they seemed very excited about what is to come.

The group took to the panel stage with director Dean Israelite at Comic-Con and brought about forth proof that this is a brand new team of heroes.

Israelite said that the new Power Rangers film is going to be much darker and actually have a “grounded, character-driven origin story.” Yes, there is still going to be a lot of action and that is to be expected as he doesn’t want to veer away from “the spirit of the franchise” and what made it great.

Speaking of action, the team spoke of the great number of stunts done while filming and how they resulted in a lot of accidents and injuries. Apparently, Becky G seemed to get the worst of things during the shoot, but she’s alright now.

Power Rangers is going to follow along with five everyday high school kids who soon realize their small town of Angel Grove is in grave danger. Shortly after, they learn that the entire world is facing destruction by an alien race and they must band together to save everyone and still find ways to become who they really are.

One of the things that impressed the young actors the most was that of Elizabeth Banks and how she brings Rita Repulsa to life in true form. Becky G even said that in one scene, she had thrown out the acting skills and was dealing with “genuine fear.”

Set for releases on March 24, 2017, Power Rangers has assembled a cast of new names and some great veteran actors. Elizabeth Banks leads the way as Rita Repulsa and she is joined by Bryan Cranston, Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Becky G, and Ludi Lin.

Bill Hader will also be in the film as he is voicing Alpha 5.

Power Rangers is a franchise that has been in existence for many years but hasn’t really had a new flash of life in a long time. Lionsgate wants past generations and those of today to experience a team of superheroes that were once some of the most popular in the world. Now, 2017 will see the Power Rangers in a whole new light and one that brings about nostalgia with a much darker tone.

[Featured Image by Lionsgate]