‘Zombies’ Movie Promises To Please Zombie Horror Fans: Join The Corresponding Nerf Battle In 300 Cities Nationwide

There’s a new zombie movie to thrill audiences this Halloween season. Zombies is coming to limited theaters on October 21. The movie stars horror film legend Tony Todd along with America’s Next Top Model‘s Raina Hein, and the film is sponsoring a nationwide zombie Nerf battle to correspond with it.

Coming Soon reports that Zombies is produced by Hamid Torabpour, Luke Schuetzle and Cameron Romero, whom they call “the son of the man who virtually invented the modern zombie, Dawn of the Dead legend George A. Romero.”

The film stars Tony Todd, who has starred in a myriad of films such as Candyman, The Crow, Final Destination, Lean on Me, Platoon and Sleepwalk, along with actors Steven Luke, America’s Next Top Model’s Raina Hein, and Aaron Courteau.

Joblo reports that Tony Todd has starred in his share of zombie movies such as Night of the Living Dead 1990 and even the movie Sky Sharks, where Nazi zombies ride on the backs of flying sharks.

The film synopsis is pretty standard for zombie movies.

“When the world is in shambles, plagued by a zombie outbreak, only the strong will survive, but just how much determination will it take? Will Luke and his crew have enough ambition and ammunition to stay alive long enough to save the human race?”

Zombies has the distinction of being filmed in the farm country of rural southern Minnesota, which could give the movie a surprisingly down-to-earth, country feel with the ambling undead roaming the cornfields.

In one memorable scene released in the trailer for Zombies, two survivors are in a farm combine in a corn field surrounded by zombies who are coming for them. The female survivor deadpans to her blood-spattered fellow survivor about how to best use the farm equipment.

“Combine… and zombies. Zombine,” she says.

Zombies was shot in the small Minnesota town of Owatonna last fall, with the help of extras from families in surrounding towns.




Extras even got to take part in some behind-the-scenes dance fun.


Now that Zombies is finally set to be released, Owatonna’s People’s Press reports that writer and director is also planning dozens of simultaneous zombie-themed events around the country when the movie hits theaters on October 21.

“It’s a nerf zombie war. It’s the world’s largest zombie apocalypse,” Torabpour told the paper. “We’ve already reached out to the ‘Guinness Book of World Records,’ we’re working with George Romero Jr., we’re in the process of getting it done for National Zombie Day.”


Wilmington’s Port City Daily reports on the Nerf event, which will take place in over 300 cities nationwide to correspond with the Zombies premiere.

“Watch out, Wilmington – zombies are coming! Well, for one night, at least. And to combat them, locals are being invited to arm themselves with Nerf guns.”

The event will be held on Oct. 22, starting at 6 p.m. For two hours, the interactive game will blend real life with augmented reality and simulation.

“It’s kind of like Pokemon GO meets zombies and Nerf guns,” Torabpour told the press.

Torabpour says that players will be identified by T-shirts that will be mailed to them upon registration, and they can choose their level of interaction.

“They can either play solely on their phone using the characters they find in the augmented reality, or they can find other people in the city that are playing the game,” said Torabpour.

The game can be played in all the public parts of the city.

During the two-hour event, rounds of up to 20 minutes each will be played. During that time, zombies will have to turn as many humans as possible and the survivors will be able to defend themselves using their Nerf guns. If all humans are tagged before the 20 minutes are up, a new round will start. Everyone will have a chance to play both a human and a zombie.

The Zombies movie site also has information about their Zombies – Nerf Attack contest and their corresponding publicity stunt contest.

“Create a Publicity Stunt. The stunt must create the most awareness for Zombies the Movie and Zombies – Nerf Attack. Keep it Legal, Keep it fun, Keep it original – The top two Publicity stunts with the most buzz wins… A trip for two to the Zombies Movie Premiere and meet and greet with Tony Todd.”

Places three through 20 will get two free entries to Zombies Nerf Attack as well as a signed poster from the cast.

Now legions of zombie fans, Tony Todd fans and horror fans are awaiting Zombie‘s upcoming premiere — and the Nerf battle.

Zombies premiered Saturday night in writer and director Hamid Torabpour’s Minnesota hometown, to a standing ovation and a happy crowd.

Zombies will be released to limited theaters on October 21. The nationwide zombie Nerf battle will take place October 22.

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