Josh Duggars’ Scandal Rears Ugly Head As Jessa, Jill, And Jinger Duggar Greet Good News Update Post ‘19 Kids And Counting’ With Family

Josh Duggar has been the black mark in the family after his molestation and Ashley Madison scandal. The 19 Kids and Counting star has been playing it down low, attending rehab and getting his family life with Anna in order, but it looks like the scandal won’t go away anytime soon. With Jessa, Jill, and Jinger Duggar seeking to move on with their new families, this will be a problematic issue for the girls.

As much as possible, Josh has stayed out of the Duggars’ new programming on social media and the new TLC show, Jill and Jessa Counting On. But the scandal, which caused the cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting, reared its ugly head again this month, much to Jill, Jessa, and Jinger’s dismay.

There is another lawsuit against Josh Duggar, who supposedly used someone else’s picture for his account on Ashley Madison, the website that encouraged extra-marital affairs.

“Matthew McCarthy, the Los Angeles-based DJ and photographer whose photos Duggar used on his Ashley Madison profile, is seeking undisclosed damages,” reports People Magazine. “In the filing, McCarthy claims that Duggar’s wrongful, ‘extreme and outrageous’ use of his image on Ashley Madison, Twitter, and OkCupid profile has resulted in loss of work as well as harassment.”

The case that he is making is that this use of his image caused him “prolonged pain and suffering, anxiety, depression, embarrassment, humiliation, loss of self-esteem and extreme and severe mental anguish and emotional distress including but not limited to frequent panic attacks, disruption of sleep and insomnia, mood changes, fits of anger, a loss of interest in pursuing both professional and personal endeavors, and a complete loss of self-confidence.”

That’s a lot of charges to face.

But the Duggar family members are doing their best to put this news update behind them as they seek to start again. The latest update on the family is the engagement of Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo. Jeremy got the ring on Jinger’s finger in record time, which incited a lot of excitement and hope amongst Duggar fans.

In fact, Jinger has become such a hot topic that her sisters, Jessa and Jill, are using her to get in the limelight as well. Check out a picture of Jill Duggar stalking Jeremy and Jinger on Instagram.

But the engagement isn’t the only news the family has put out. The latest cause of excitement is that Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, are pregnant with their second child.

“We are overjoyed to announce that Spurgeon has a new title in life as ‘big brother,'” Jessa wrote in her family blog. “We are so thankful that God is adding to our family. 2017 is shaping up to be a wonderful year already and we know Spurgeon will do a great job in his new role. Having Spurgeon has been such a wonderful blessing and we cannot wait to see the face of this sweet new baby (or babies!).”

With Jinger’s wedding just around the corner, the Duggars had a mini reunion in the states. Jill and Derick Dillard returned home from almost a year of doing missionary work in Central America. While they are excited to be back, they are already preparing to continue their work.

“We are so excited to share that we will be returning in August for a short stateside term that will extend into the fall,” Jill and Derick wrote on their family blog. “We are really looking forward to seeing our families after nearly 10 months on foreign soil.”

Jill also has been peppering her Instagram with pictures of her growing baby Israel.

Do you think Josh Duggar’s scandal will continue to haunt the family? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Josh Duggar/Twitter]