Lindsay Lohan Visits Syrian Refugees In Turkey And Has A Spiritual Awakening

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Pray. With that one simple world and picture of the Turkish flag, Lindsay Lohan encouraged her multitude of social media followers to pray for Turkey. According to Daily Mail, Lindsay has been in Turkey all week doing charity work with Syrian refugees, but Lohan found herself particularly enamored with the refugee women and children.

Lohan is no stranger to performing charity work, though most of her past work has been court ordered due to continual legal issues. Lindsay’s work in Turkey, however, seems to be completely altruistic as the former child star has spent weeks in the region getting to know the residents and the plight of the Syrian refugee first hand.

According to Yahoo, Turkey’s youth and sports deputy minister, Abdurrahim Boynukalin, specifically stated that the media was not alerted to Lohan’s visit to the country. Lindsay didn’t want to make her visit a spectacle but rather genuinely wanted to make a difference, starting with Lohan visiting patients in an Istanbul hospital.

Lohan’s visit came just weeks after Angelina Jolie toured the area. Turkish officials have commended famous actors such as Lohan and Jolie, as well as George Clooney, for peaking public interest in their volatile part of the world.

While Lohan’s visit to Turkey may not make a significant impact, Lindsay may not be wrong that the area is in need of prayers. At war as Syrian rebels backed by the Turkish government take on jihadists, 18 people were killed today alone in a car bombing according to CNN. The terrorist attacks seem endless and many might find it shocking that Lohan or Jolie would choose to visit the country when Kim Kardashian can’t even find safety in Paris.

Of course, Lindsay’s visit didn’t come without personal strife. Last week, Lohan lost the tip of her finger when the rope of an anchor tore the tip off at the joint. Lindsay was able to locate it and have it re-attached but Lohan remarked that it was quite painful and the photos shared by TMZ were gruesome.

Ironically, it was Lohan’s ring finger that suffered the injury. Lindsay had just called off her engagement to Egor Tarabasov this past summer after Lohan alleged he was abusive, something Egor vehemently continues to deny.

Still, at 30-years-old, it seems as though Lindsay Lohan may have finally outgrown her bad girl stage and matured into a young woman hell-bent on changing the world. Lohan has been moved to tears frequently throughout the visit, and the actress has appeared to have moved on from fulfilling required hours of service to becoming the change she wants to see in the world.

Lindsay Lohan became a prominent child actor in the remake of Disney’s The Parent Trap. At the time, Lohan appeared to have the acting prowess and the charisma to go far in movies, but as her career progressed, Lohan developed a problem with drugs and alcohol, had two DUIs, six arrests, and was labeled by the Hollywood elite as difficult to work with. Lohan finally seemed to get her life under control in 2013, though some have questioned if Lindsay still struggles with addiction issues.

Though Lindsay’s acting gigs have been limited since Lohan focused on her sobriety, perhaps the change in her heart will be enough for Hollywood to forgive her for the transgressions in her past. Or maybe Lohan will find a new calling completely, doing charity work. After all, Lindsay has already conquered Hollywood by achieving cult classic status in her lifetime after starring in Mean Girls. What else is left but to conquer world peace, famine, and finding a cure for cancer?

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