Hayley Atwell Set To Return As Agent Carter, But There’s A Catch

While Hayley Atwell has moved on with Conviction, the actress has made no secret of the fact that she regrets losing her Agent Carter role, frequently commenting that she holds out hopes of reprising her Peggy Carter in any number of mediums from television to the big screen. It seems Atwell is getting her wish. Marvel has brought her on board to once again play the lead Agent Carter character in an Avengers project, but this new opportunity may not be at all what Hayley was expecting.

Hayley Atwell Is Set To Return As Agent Carter


The cancellation of Agent Carter left a loyal fanbase hanging and left Hayley Atwell out of a job, but the show couldn’t be saved, as ratings revealed a dwindling viewership. As Blastr now shares, Atwell is getting her wish for a reprisal of the Peggy Carter character, but not in the way she anticipated. Marvel Animation is bringing Hayley in to voice the Agent Carter character in an upcoming animated series, Avengers: Secret Wars, which will air on Disney XD.

The announcement was made at the Marvel Animation panel at New York Comic-Con, where it was revealed that the Avengers animated series was getting its third treatment. The series started out as Avengers Assemble and ran for two years, before getting revamped and retitled as Avengers: Ultron Revolution.

At present, Ms. Atwell is only signed for a single episode. The story arc joins Peggy Carter and Howard Stark of the past together with present day Iron Man and Captain America to defeat the supervillain Kang the Conqueror.

While this is one way for a reprisal of Agent Carter, it has also been revealed that Atwell has been relentless in her attempts to get Marvel Studios co-president Louis D’Esposito to green light an Agent Carter solo feature film. D’Esposito hasn’t yet commented on the possibility, but it doesn’t seem likely that Ms. Atwell will be dissuaded from her crusade anytime soon.

Conviction Gives Hayley Atwell An Entirely New Persona


While Hayley continues to pursue her Agent Carter aspirations, she also has obligations to her newest ABC drama, Conviction, and, as the Hollywood Reporter shares, the new show gives Atwell an entirely different kind of character. In fact, Ms. Atwell says Hayes Morrison, her Conviction character, is completely foreign to her in more ways than one. By this, she means that Hayes is American, while Atwell is British, but also adds that her personality is completely different from her own real personality.

“She’s very different from me and from Peggy,” explains Atwell. “I’m personally more of a people pleaser than Hayes and that’s why I enjoy her. It’s something new. And I love that she is violent in her own way, not in the same way as Peggy. There’s a lot of mental punching going on with her, as opposed to actual punching. She uses her wits and intelligence to fight in the courtroom.”

The Conviction plot has Atwell’s character and her elite legal team going through past conviction records to investigate cases in which an innocent person was sent to prison. This premise presents opportunities to make commentary on current events and social issues, but it also demands an understanding of the legal system. To gain more insight, Hayley says she took the opportunity to spend more time with her best friend, who also happens to be an attorney.

“She’s a prosecutor and watching her do her thing in the courtroom was amazing because of the level of performance required for that,” says Atwell. “I watched her take on the role of ‘Lawyer’ and present a case to the judge and jury, and her process was similar to what an actor does. Only with real stakes.”

The next episode of Conviction, starring Hayley Atwell and Eddie Cahill, airs on Monday, October 10 on ABC.

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