Robbie Williams Is So In Love With Wife Ayda Field: ‘Go Out There And Shine, My Love’

Robbie Williams has opened up about his romance with wife Ayda Field, according to The Sun. The 42-year-old former “Take That” star has admitted taking his wife “hostage” when they met.

The revelations come as part of Robbie Williams’ interview with The Sun. And although it’s been years since the “Feel” singer’s last newspaper magazine interview, he still doesn’t cease to amaze his fans.

Robbie Williams’ wife Ayda Field has shared a number of embarrassing things about her husband on national TV, including his love of breast milk and his inability to identify a cucumber, but this time the former “Take That” singer has a few things to say about his wife.

Robbie Williams revealed that he was the one who encouraged Field, who is now a popular Loose Women panelist, to work on her own career.

“I was very much encouraging because when we met, I kind of took Ayda hostage.”

Robbie Williams explained that he “kidnapped” his wife and took her away from her career, adding that he needed her beside him and that it was the only way that their relationship was going to work.

Furthermore, Robbie Williams even says that he forced Field to turn down one major role on US television, telling her that he was going to the United Kingdom and that he wanted her to come with him.

“And for the last nine years she’s kind of been my dressing room b*tch. Now I’m her dressing room b*tch.”

Robbie Williams has also revealed “the biggest reason” that made him fall in love with Ayda Field. It was her personality.

“I’m incredibly proud of her and I’m not only in love with her but I really like her.”

Robbie Williams admits that he wants his wife “to be out there,” and he wants other people to “be experiencing what I’m experiencing,” because what his wife has got is “unique.” The singer explained that he feels like “a proud parent.”

“I’m like, ‘Go out there and shine, my love’.”

And although his wife seems to be “over-sharing” some embarrassing details about Robbie Williams, the singer doesn’t seem to mind. Just recently, Field made headlines by revealing that Williams doesn’t know what cucumbers look like.

Robbie Williams admits that he only recently visited a supermarket for the first time in his life. And while he enjoyed the experience, the singer still has no idea if there are US cucumbers and English cucumbers. And he obviously can’t tell the difference between them.

But that doesn’t matter, as Robbie Williams himself says nothing in the world can embarrass him. And the singer knows what he’s talking about when he says that everybody has something they’re embarrassed about, as the main difference between other people and Williams and his wife is that the celebrity couple are “over-sharers.”

“I’ve always been, she is too.”

So is Robbie Williams actually collaborating with The Killers’ Brandon Flowers or Panic! at the Disco’s Brendon Urie? That’s the question the singer’s fans are asking themselves after Good Morning Britain made a mistake while announcing Williams’ upcoming album, according to Digital Spy.

Good Morning Britain‘s showbiz presenter Richard Arnold was talking about Robbie Williams’ upcoming collaboration with Flowers, and it wouldn’t be confusing if the show double-checked the photos it’s showing during announcements.

Instead of a photo of Flowers, there was a photo of Urie alongside Ed Sheeran’s photo. Robbie Williams announced his collaboration with Sheeran and Flowers last month and shared a video preview of the new album Heavy Entertainment Show, which will be released on November 4.

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