Upcoming ‘Overwatch’ Halloween Event Features Three Difficulties, Sombra Hero Detailed In Early Leak

With the Halloween holiday just weeks away, Blizzard Entertainment might have something truly festive planned for Overwatch players. Halloween themed loot boxes and a possible image of an upcoming hero surfaced this week in a flurry of leaks for the first-person shooter. A new event and a brand new hero named Sombra may be right around the corner for Overwatch fans.

Alert users on Reddit were quick to post information on the Halloween loot boxes and Sombra, the hacker, which both might be coming soon to Overwatch. Earlier this week, players pointed out that a Halloween loot box entry was live on the Xbox Store for some time. A number of players could see the store page for the boxes, but they could not purchase them. The store page included a little information on the potential event including its name, “Overwatch Halloween Terror.”

Just days after the image and video of the Halloween loot boxes, another post on the Overwatch subreddit revealed an image of Sombra, a new character which is likely to be number 23 on the roster of heroes available in the game. The image, which is a capture of a website that is not accessible to the public, features some additional information on the Halloween event and on the Sombra hero.

The information detailed a game mode crafted for the Halloween event that gives players a chance to defend castle doors against “Zomnics and Dr. Junkenstein’s evil allies.” Most notably, the match is said to feature three difficulties where more points can be earned on more challenging levels. Overwatch players that frequent the “Play vs. AI” section of the game are likely familiar with the three difficulty options, and most players are probably looking forward to a Halloween-themed brawl.

Overwatch players receive loot boxes every time their account levels

The Sombra leak also detailed the upcoming character, pointing out that she is an infamous hacker. She was affiliated with the Los Muertos gang and was later recruited by the Talon organization. Several pertinent pieces of information are conveniently left out, and there is no word on what her powers will be like.

Of course, both the Halloween loot boxes and the Sombra image are considered rumor at this time. Blizzard Entertainment has yet to comment on the leaks and, as Overwatch fans are well aware, a Halloween event has yet to begin. The Halloween loot box image definitely seems plausible considering the developer’s previous event, the Summer Games, in August.

During that event, all loot boxes earned were Summer Games boxes and additional Summer Games boxes could be purchased from marketplaces like the PlayStation Store and the Xbox Store. According to the official website, those boxes were guaranteed to contain one summer-themed item which is exactly how the Halloween loot box is presented in the image. It is very likely that a Halloween event is coming soon to Overwatch.

As detailed by Blizzard Watch, a website dedicated to all of the developer’s game, the entry for Overwatch Halloween loot boxes also included an ending date for the event. The fine print presented stated that Halloween loot boxes would be available to purchase or to earn in-game until November 1. Also, that information noted that any duplicate received from a Halloween loot box will offer the player coins in its place.

Again, none of this is confirmed by Blizzard Entertainment at this time. Until official word is given, consider any leaks as rumors. In the latest developer update from Blizzard Entertainment, a new hero should be released “sooner rather than later.” Be sure to check out the full video on YouTube for the most recent news straight from the Overwatch developer or read an overview of the video via the Inquisitr.

[Featured Image by Blizzard Entertainment]