Rebecca Lewis Amber Alert: Four-Year-Old Allegedly Abducted By Family Friend Named ‘Wild West Hog’ [Video]

An Amber Alert was issued out of Lakeland, Florida, on Saturday. Authorities are asking the public’s help in bringing 4-year-old Rebecca Lewis home safe after she was allegedly abducted by a family friend. The alleged abduction of little Rebecca Lewis reportedly took place sometime between 9:00 and 9:45 a.m. Saturday, that’s when family members report that she vanished without a trace from her own bed, along with a 31-year-old family friend.

That family friend is known as Wild West Hog, born Matthew Clark Pybus. Bay News 9 reports that Wild West Hog legally changed his birth name some time back, and he apparently showed up unexpectedly at little Rebecca and her family’s home the night before she disappeared. According to law enforcement, Rebecca Lewis’ Amber Alert was issued after her 16-year-old sister discovered the preschooler missing from her Polk County, Florida, home.

Rebecca Lewis’ teenage sister told investigators that she had checked on her younger sister at approximately 9 o’clock in the morning, and that she was asleep in her bed in the family’s mobile home at the Lazy Daisy Mobile Home Park. Roughly 45 minutes later, when the 16-year-old returned to check on 4-year-old Rebecca, the little girl was nowhere to be found. Neither was Wild West Hog.

After discovering that Rebecca was no longer in her bed, the family reportedly searched their home and the surrounding area for at least an hour before they reported her disturbing disappearance to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. When officers, including Officer Scott Wilder, arrived and investigated, they were unable to find any sign of Rebecca Lewis and issued an Amber Alert shortly thereafter. While Rebecca Lewis’ Amber Alert was issued out of Florida, law enforcement sent the Amber Alert out to three states in total: Florida, Alabama, and Georgia.

As BNO News reports, first responders to the scene of the alleged abduction of Rebecca Lewis conducted an extensive search of the area around the little girl’s home. They reportedly went door to door and questioned neighbors, as well as searched the surrounding property with police dogs, with no success.

“Once deputies arrived they conducted multiple searches of the residence and conducted a house by house search of the park with negative results.”

Officer Scott Wilder told the media that after the failed search efforts of the police department and Rebecca Lewis’ family, they determined that the child had most likely been abducted by Wild West Hog, and they believe that the pair is (or was) together at the time that Rebecca went missing.

“Our working theory is that somehow he has picked up 4-year-old Rebecca and that they are together.”

In the aftermath of Rebecca Lewis’ suspected abduction and the Amber Alert that was issued in an attempt to bring the little girl home, her family has issued a public plea. Rebecca’s grandmother, Oma Mae Lewis, begged anyone with information about her granddaughter’s disappearance and/or current location to do whatever they can to help bring the missing child home to her family.

“We just want our baby back home. So if there’s anyone out there, anywhere that can help us bring Becky home, please bring her home to us.”

According to investigators, the alleged abduction of Rebecca Lewis was completely senseless; representatives from the sheriff’s office have also claimed that police received “leads” during their initial investigation into Rebecca’s disappearance, but they have not publicly divulged what information they may have collected or who they may have gotten their tips from.

Rebecca Lewis is described as being three feet tall and weighing roughly 30 pounds. She has blonde hair and blue eyes, and according to her sister was last seen wearing a pair of blue shorts.

Wild West Hog is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs approximately 220 pounds. He has red hair and green eyes, and per the Amber Alert, he may be driving a grey 2012 Nissan Versa, with an Alabama handicap plate 4-J-L 26.

If you have seen 4-year-old Rebecca Lewis or her alleged abductor, 31-year-old Wild West Hog, you are urged to call the Polk County Sheriff’s Office at 863-298-6200 to assist in giving this Amber Alert a happy ending for Rebecca and her loved ones.

[Featured Image by Polk County Sheriff’s Office]