Will There Be A Season 2 Of ‘The Ranch’ Added To Netflix?

Netflix subscribers were forced to wait a while for the second half of Season 1 of The Ranch to be added to the library. It, however, was released for subscribers to binge yesterday. Now that fans of The Ranch have access to the official 20 episodes of Season 1 of The Ranch, there is one question on everyone’s mind – will there be a Season 2 of The Ranch? If so, when will it be added to Netflix?

Given the extreme popularity of The Ranch, Netflix made the decision to renew the series for Season 2 before the second half of Season 1 was even available for Netflix subscribers to view. In fact, it was back in April of this year that Ashton Kutcher confirmed that the series was being renewed for a second season.


The Ranch stars Ashton Kutcher along with his co-star Danny Masterson, who most people remember from The ’70s Show. Kutcher plays the main character, Colt, who is a struggling semi-pro football player who ends up returning to Colorado to help his family run the family farm with his father and older brother.


This successful sitcom first premiered back in April of this year. In addition to Ashton and Danny, the cast also included Sam Elliot and Debra Winger. According to Variety, this comedy is a bit of an acquired taste. While the combination of Kutcher and Masterson being on screen together gave the series a buzzworthy nostalgia appeal to anyone who loved The ’70s Show, it didn’t receive stellar reviews from critics. In fact, one critic from Variety wrote,

“There’s virtually nothing here to distinguish the show from any number of failed network sitcoms, even if the project tries not to be quite as housebound by getting outside a bit.”

What’s On Netflix has speculated about a potential release schedule for Season 2 of The Ranch. It is important to keep in mind that Netflix itself has yet to confirm a release date for Season 2 of The Ranch. It is unlikely for Netflix to release this information in the near future as Netflix doesn’t make a habit of giving the release date of anything out more than a few months before they actually happen.

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The first big question to ask is – will Netflix release all of Season 2 at once or will the series be split up into a release of Part 1 and Part 2 the same way they released Season 1? Given how successful the release of the show was with this method, it wouldn’t be surprising for Netflix to take this approach with the second season.


Considering how fast Ashton Kutcher confirmed Season 2 of the series and that it was confirmed during the same month Part 1 of Season 1 was released, chances are pretty good that Netflix has already started filming Season 2. What’s On Netflix speculates that Season 2 Part 1 will be released in April of next year to keep with the current release schedule. Then, Season 2 Part 2 will likely follow in October of next year. Unfortunately, this does mean The Ranch fans could be forced to wait six months for the first 10 episodes and an entire year to enjoy all 20 episodes of Season 2.

While fans are waiting for Season 2 of The Ranch, Netflix is releasing other comedy sitcoms to keep viewers entertained. This includes Season 2 of Fuller House in December of this year and Season 2 of Lovesick next month.


How do you feel knowing you may have to wait another month for Netflix to release Season 2 of The Ranch? Do you think Netflix is going to release Season 2 all at once or will it also be split up into two ten-episode parts? Share your thoughts on the release of Season 2 of The Ranch in the comments section below.

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