‘Stranger Things’ May Lose Eleven If Millie Bobby Brown Demands Aren’t Met

There’s no ignoring the huge demand for a second season of Stranger Things, particularly since it’s one of Netflix’s biggest hits, but while production plans for Season 2 are in full swing, Millie Bobby Brown, the show’s breakout star, may not be on the roster to return. The problem doesn’t lie with casting. Stranger Things bosses are counting on Millie to return. The problem is with Millie’s father, Robert “Bobby” Brown, and the outrageous demands he’s attempting to coax from interested talent agents in exchange for the right to represent Millie Bobby Brown in contract negotiations.

Stranger Things May Lose Its Brightest Star

Making exorbitant demands is nothing unusual for the parents of child stars, but, as the Hollywood Reporter shares, the father of Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown may be taking things a bit too far. Following the success of Stranger Things, Millie parted ways from Paradigm agency’s kids division and has since remained unrepresented, even while numerous agencies court Brown’s parents. While it may seem like all Millie and her family has to do is field the offers and select the best deal, Robert Brown is gumming up the works.

Negotiating the best deal for his daughter is Mr. Brown’s right, but he has apparently been overstepping the boundaries by demanding a signing fee. Essentially, Bobby expects the interested talent agency to pay for the privilege of representing Millie, which, while not necessarily against the law, is something not usually done.

In fact, several agencies have stepped forward to say that the idea of paying a signing fee is completely out of the question, simply because it would open the door for future similar arrangements and entirely change the way talent agents operate.

The price tag on earning the right to sign Millie Bobby Brown has been rumored at $100,000.

In speaking about the unusual price tag attached to Millie, Mr. Brown revealed a series of financial hardships, which forced the family to return to the U.K., after having moved to Florida. Until Stranger Things, Millie and the Brown family had been living with an aunt. Now, as the Netflix series brings success and good fortune to Millie, her father wants to ensure a normal, steady lifestyle for the whole family.

“It was very hard,” Millie says of her family’s hardships. “There were lots of tears along the way.”

Will Millie Bobby Brown Reprise Eleven In Season 2 Of Stranger Things?

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That was the big question at the Stranger Things New York Comic Con panel and a strong “probably” was the best that fans could coax out of the showrunners and cast, according to Mashable. Though specifics weren’t given, even Millie herself couldn’t confirm her return for the second installment of Stranger Things. While that may have just been an effort to protect against plot leaks, it seems just as likely that Robert Brown’s demands have been creating greater legal constraints, as far as recasting Millie in Season 2 is concerned.

During the panel’s conference, Millie mentioned that she was a big fan of The Vampire Diaries, which, like Stranger Things, shoots in Atlanta, Georgia. David Harbour, who plays Jim Hopper, took the opportunity to tell Millie that he was friends with Paul Wesley and that he could introduce the two, when they were back at work on Season 2.

If I’m back in Atlanta,” retorted Millie Brown, adding further speculation about the return of Eleven for the next Stranger Things installment.

Later, the two Stranger Things actors commented on the Season 2 scripts, suggesting the question of Brown’s return may not be as up in the air as it may seem.

“The story arc is insane,” Harbour said.

“I’m not saying anything [about whether Eleven is in season two]…but it’s going to be amazing,” Ms Brown said.

Stranger Things will return to Netflix later in 2017.

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