WWE News: WWE Considering All Cruiserweight Show To Air Weekly On The WWE Network

The WWE Cruiserweight Classic was a wild success for WWE and the entire WWE Network. The show was fantastic and quite social online, which WWE loved to see. The one thing WWE loves doing is connecting to the younger audience, and when they see people talking online, they tend to go with what the dominate thing is. Some will say this is not true as WWE has repeatedly given us things we didn’t want to see, but do realize the internet is bigger than your random Facebook group and does have more than one opinion.

The CWC managed to excite just about every single wrestling fan. It was a universal success with the young and old, and made WWE clearly want to do it again. They may also be doing another tournament, this time an all female one that is rumored to begin at the beginning of 2017. Regardless of how many WWE does, they know now that there is success in the idea of tournaments…but they may also do something to add to this.

The cruiserweights managed to do well for WWE, and while they are not landing as well on the main roster, they are doing very well with people who watch the WWE Network. Slowly cruiserweight wrestling is coming back and the casual fans will eventually get used to it, at least that is what WWE hopes. While we can obviously assume the CWC will return in 2017, we may get something even bigger.

Cruiserweights on WWE RAW
[Image by WWE]

According to The Wrestling Observer, WWE is reportedly in the early stages of a possible cruiserweight show that would air weekly on the WWE Network. The idea would be for WWE to do an NXT-style show that would feature cruiserweight wrestlers from all over the world, and of course the ones already under contract with the WWE.

WWE did mention the show in the popular WWE fan survey that hit the internet this weekend, which shows that WWE is clearly in the discussion phase of the project and wanted to get fan feedback before going with the idea. If it was universally panned, then it is likely the idea won’t get off the ground. However, it would be quite interesting if WWE did manage to form a new brand around the smaller workers.

WWE fans loved the CWC, so weekly matches like what we saw there would obviously be good in their eyes. The problem would be that it might not make the CWC as must-see, considering they developed an entire brand around the wrestlers. They would basically have a tournament weekly with matches hoping to get a shot at what would have to be the WWE Cruiserweight Title, rather than have one a year to win a cup and be known as the best in the world at their size.

TJP and Ibushi
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The issue too is that WWE would have to consider the idea that fans will eventually wonder about the need for the show. Obviously it would feature amazing wrestlers from around the world from tag teams to singles performers of a smaller size, but would it connect to fans enough to make it a weekly product? Clearly fans love the wrestlers, but will they care to see them perform weekly for no true reason?

At least with WWE NXT, it features women and men of all sizes who fight for the NXT Women’s, Tag Team, or normal Championship. There is no restriction based on size or gender to perform here, and in addition to the storylines, it makes the show must-see. If you remove all but one of those things and make it a restricted show, how long could it last before people stop caring?

The show cannot simply be built on “only” smaller workers from around the world. There is a need for the show to have titles, storylines, and even promos on a weekly basis. That said, this is still VERY early in the planning stages and it may not even get off the ground. However, if it does it will be interesting to see how it develops into a weekly show for WWE and their WWE Network.

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