Stranger Shamed Mother For Giving Her Toddler A Pacifier Before Taking The Pacifier From The Child

During a grocery shopping trip, Corissa Rieschieck’s toddler started to have a meltdown. This mother solved the problem the way a number of other parents would – she gave the toddler a pacifier. This mother – like any mother in this situation – expected her toddler to use the pacifier to soothe himself and calm down from the meltdown he was having. Corissa, however, didn’t expect what happened next.

A stranger, who was also shopping in the store at the time the toddler started having the meltdown, shamed the mother for the way she handled the situation. This stranger, however, didn’t stop at shaming the mother for her parenting methods – she took physical action against the mother.

According to the mother, a woman approached her toddler (2 years old) and promptly plucked the pacifier out of his mouth. While taking the pacifier out of the toddler’s mouth, the stranger shamed the mother about how the toddler did not need the pacifier and how bad of a parent she was for giving him the pacifier.

After taking the pacifier from the toddler and scolding the mother, Pop Sugar reports that the mother and her toddler were so surprised by what had just happened that they were both left speechless. Initially, according to the mother, the stranger walked away from her and her toddler and took the pacifier with her. Corissa claimed the stranger approached her and her toddler later to return the pacifier while continuing to shame the mother for her poor parenting skills.

According to the mother’s blog, the strange shamed her with phrases such as “what kind of parent did she think she was to be using a dummy” and “she should know better, it’s no wonder he screams.” The stranger shamed the mother for giving the toddler a pacifier to calm himself down from the meltdown he was having and argued that he would not scream nearly as much if the mother found other – more appropriate – ways to soothe him.

“My – perhaps petulant – response was to promptly place it right back in his mouth. (To be perfectly honest, this thought makes me cringe now for I surely should have disinfected it first, but it was very satisfying to see her face as I did so).”

In the statement above, pulled from the mother’s blog, she makes it clear to the stranger that her toddler was her child and she was going to parent him in whatever way she deemed fit. By taking the pacifier from the stranger and putting it right back in her toddler’s mouth, this mother showed the stranger that it didn’t matter how much time the woman dedicated to shaming this mother, this mother was the one who makes any and all decisions regarding her child.

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For the most part, individuals who have left comments on this mother’s blog have been supportive about her decision to continue to give her toddler a pacifier. The individuals leaving comments agree that it is the mother’s child and the mother’s choice. The only people who shared any real concern for the child using a pacifier said it was because they feared for speech impairment and dental problems, but they never said anything about her being a bad parent.

What do you think after hearing about this story? More importantly, what would you do if you had been the parent in this situation? Would you have said or done something to the stranger who took the pacifier right out of your child’s mouth? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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