Melania Trump Gets Facebook And Twitter Support, Criticism In Wake Of Donald Trump’s Viral Video

Melania Trump has remained silent on her Facebook and Twitter pages in the wake of Donald Trump’s comments about women that leaked on Friday. However, according to the New York Times, Melania has made a statement about Donald’s comments on women.

“Mr. Trump’s wife, Melania, said in a statement on Saturday that although his words about women were ‘unacceptable and offensive’ to her, she hoped that ‘people will accept his apology, as I have, and focus on the important issues facing our nation and the world.'”

On Twitter, the name Melania Trump has remained on Twitter’s top trending list of items for much of Saturday, October 8. Melania has received more than 70,000 tweets surrounding her name as of this writing, with Mrs. Trump drawing a plethora of advice, admiration, criticism and more in the wake of Donald’s comments.

Much of the Twitter talk points to Melania’s statement about her husband, but some of the tweets have resurrected old interviews, such as the below radio interview with Howard Stern, Donald, and Melania — a woman whom Howard accidentally calls Melanie at first. The video is reportedly from November 9, 1999. As reported by Mother Jones, Trump spoke of Melania as a naked beauty.

On Facebook, Melania shared a link on September 14, at 7:28 p.m., which as of this writing is the most recent activity she has initiated on Facebook. Therefore, that is the Facebook post that is gathering a bunch of comments from users who want to give Melania a piece of their mind about the latest controversy surrounding Trump. Users likely find it easier to give Melania feedback on Facebook as opposed to Twitter, due to the ease of the nature of leaving Facebook comments versus the manner in which Twitter sorts their feedback.

As seen in the below tweet, which is a response to Melania on Twitter, one user asked Melania on Friday, October 7, what her response would be to Trump’s viral video. The most recent tweet from Melania on Twitter was also on September 14, so that’s the tweet that is receiving replies to Melania about the recent “The Donald” situation.

On Facebook, a sampling of some of the comments that Melania is receiving can be read below.

“Keep your chin up and your head held high! You will weather this storm. #TrumpStrong #MAGA

“Thank you Mrs. Trump for supporting your husband.”

“Your husband is a PIG.”

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“How embarrassing for you. Only 6 months of marriage and your husband was already talking about other women.”

“Mrs. Trump, Thank you for your gracious comment. Believe me, We The TRUE AMERICAN People are still proud of Mr. Trump. We still support him, and we will stand with him! Thank you for your love and forgiveness to him. We now move on to Make America Great Again! God bless you and God bless the USA!!”

“I will forgive Donald Trump, but I will never vote for a confessed sexual assaulting pig like Trump…I pity you that you are married to vulgar trash!”

Therefore, as can be seen from the variety of comments that Melania is receiving on Facebook and Twitter, the opinions about Mrs. Trump and Donald truly run the gamut of emotions.

[Image by Damian Dovarganes/AP Images]

As seen in the photo above, Trump and Melania can be seen on Tuesday, December 7, 1999. Back then, Melania was known as Trump’s 26-year-old girlfriend, Melania Knauss. Melania was a model who joined Trump as they toured the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. Back then, Trump was considering his presidential run, which is a topic that can be heard discussed between Trump and Stern in the above video.

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