Reality Steve Reveals Spoilers For ‘The Bachelor’ Nick Viall’s One On One Date In Milwaukee: Also Teases Girl From Past To Appear

The Bachelor 2017, featuring Nick Viall, is in full swing of filming and currently taping Episode 4 in Viall’s home state of Wisconsin. Every season fans who can’t wait for the episodes to air in January can watch the internet and social media for clues and even photos of what goes down on Nick’s dates. Reality Steve is the king of spoilers when it comes to The Bachelor, and this season with Viall is already no different from the many others in the past he has managed to spoil for devoted fans.

Reality Steve took to his blog to share with Bachelor fans details and even video of Nick’s third one on one date of the season. This date is in Waukesha, Wisconsin and is with Danielle Lombard. Fans who have been following spoilers for the season so far will remember that it was Danielle Lombard, who Nick serenaded and danced with at the Backstreet Boys concert in Los Angeles last week. There are two Danielle’s this season, so for awhile it might be confusing which is which until everyone can actually see them. Steve has revealed though that this Danielle has a flower tattoo on the back of her neck and two butterfly tattoos on her ankles. Just a little detail to remember who is who.

Nick was spotted out walking the streets of Waukesha with Danielle early on in their date. Reality Steve then shared that Viall took his date to a Chris Lane concert. The concert was even advertised on Lane’s social media to get an audience for the show. It did not mention Nick on the flyer, but did say it was for an ABC television show episode. Viewers were told to not bring in cameras or phones, but some bend the rules so there is video of Viall, shown below, to document the show.

Reportedly Nick and Danielle only stayed at the show for about twenty minutes. It was long enough to give fans a good glimpse of Danielle though. Steve shared that Nick’s date had numerous wardrobe malfunctions from her loose, low cut shirt she was wearing. He mentioned editing may be an issue due to the number of occurrences Danielle’s shirt revealed a little too much.

While Viall and Lombard were at the concert, Lane performed his songs “Fix” and “For Her.” Nick and Danielle danced and kissed while Lane performed. Lane also performed a medley of cover songs to include artists like N’Sync, Backstreet Boys and Jason Derulo. Nick even reportedly had some of his friends at the concert to enjoy the show.

The day after Viall’s one on one was over, Nick headed off on a group date Friday to a cheese farm. No word yet on who was actually on the date with Nick, but Steve did share that Viall and the girls would also be visiting the Paine Art Center and Gardens in Oshkosh for the evening part of the outing. There’s a good chance photos from their second location of the day could be spoiled on social media if fans are lucky enough to catch a glimpse.

So other than Danille Lombard, who else is on Viall’s season? Reality Steve has been releasing contestant names for Nick’s season slowly and has not yet shared all 25 women. Last night, however, Steve dropped a bombshell teaser for fans. Steve revealed via Twitter that one of the women appearing this season is a lady from Nick’s past. He shared no further information about her other than to say she is connected with The Bachelor franchise and has been there since night one. Hopefully he shares her identity soon!

While it’s definitely not Lombard who is the mystery woman, Nick obviously is attracted to her. Entertainment Tonight had also shared details of that epic Backstreet Boys date and said Viall and Danielle were center stage together for a slow dance and a few kisses. It’s too early in the season to know how strong Nick’s feelings are for Danielle, but he definitely seems to have a connection with her.

Do you think Danielle and Nick make a decent couple? Nick’s season will wrap up filming in November. Don’t miss Nick’s journey to find love once again on reality television. Viall’s season of The Bachelor will premiere on ABC in early January 2017.

[Featured Image by Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Virgin Hotels Chicago]