Chris Brown Denies Smashing Fan’s Phone While In Mombasa: ‘Y’all Making This A Habit’

Chris Brown is speaking out against claims suggesting that he smashed a fan’s cell phone after she attempted to take a selfie with him upon his arrival in Mombasa, Kenya on Saturday. Brown, who is scheduled to perform at the Mombasa Rocks Music Festival later this evening, took to Instagram to comment on the fan’s claims before seemingly poking fun at the number of false accusations that have been made against him this year.

According to the claims, the incident took place outside of the Moi International Airport in Mombasa where Chris Brown could be seen arriving in the coastal town just hours ahead of his scheduled performance at the Mombasa Rocks Music Festival, which is also set to feature performances from artists such as Wizkid and Ali Kiba, the Nation reports. Brenda Chepkoech, who claims to have had her cell phone broken by the “Grass Ain’t Greener” singer over a selfie request, revealed to journalists in Mombasa that she first spotted Chris Brown making his way to his car at the Moi International Airport before approaching him to ask if they could take a photo together.

“I was with my sister and we had gone to receive a guest at the airport and that is when we saw Chris Brown and I got excited and asked if I could take a selfie with him,” Chepkoech explained of the incident, Capital News reports. “He did not answer me but I went ahead and followed him while trying to get the selfie and that is when he grabbed my phone and smashed it down.”

Chepkoech further notes that the incident was “witnessed by several onlookers as well as journalists” who later inquired about her encounter with Brown.

“My phone cost me Sh81,999, it’s an iPhone 6,” Brenda revealed to the press. “I am not happy of what he did to me, he should always think twice before doing anything because what he did was not right at all. If I knew he would do that I could not have even moved closer to him.”

Chepkoech further explains that while she had planned on attending Chris Brown’s set at the Mombasa Rocks Music Festival later this evening and was already in possession of a ticket for the event, she is now planning on skipping Brown’s concert “because of what he has done to me.”

“I have a ticket for the show but I won’t attend it. Brown should know that we like his songs but he has to respect his fans,” she explained. “We take selfies all the time with celebrities here,” Chepkoech concludes, “I don’t understand why he acted that way.”

Despite the fan’s claims, several other media outlets in Kenya have reported that Chepkoech’s claims of having her phone destroyed by Brown are fabricated, however, Chepkoech maintains that the video footage currently circulating of her approaching Brown for the selfie, which does not show Chris throwing her phone to the ground, has been edited.

The fan’s claims of having her phone destroyed by Chris Brown have already ignited controversy over the singer’s arrival in the country, prompting some fans to take to Twitter to begin trending the hashtag, “#DeportChrisBrown,” in order to express their anger with the singer over the alleged incident.

Hours later, Chris Brown took to Instagram to comment on the circulating “phone-smashing” story, revealing to The Shade Room that people are “making a habit” out of falsely accusing him of violent acts.

“Y’all making this a habit,” Chris Brown wrote in the comment section of the site’s post alongside a “laughing-crying” emoji.

The news comes just weeks after Chris Brown battled it out in the headlines with former model Baylee Curran who accused Brown of pointing a gun at her face following a dispute over jewelry at his home in Tarzana, California. While Brown was later arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, Curran’s case against the “Back To Sleep” singer has reportedly hit a dead end due to a lack of insufficient evidence.

What do you think of Chris Brown’s reaction to the fan’s claims of having had her phone smashed by the singer?

[Featured Image by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images]