Kim Soo Hyun Wants To Make Time For One More Drama Before Enlisting In South Korean Military Service

Kim Soo Hyun is enlisting himself in military service, according to News Every Day. The 28-year-old My Love From the Star actor wants to star in one more drama before enlisting himself in the mandatory military service.

Although it has been previously reported that Kim Soo Hyun wanted the drama Real, which wrapped filming this summer, to be his last film before taking a rifle in his hands and undergoing the mandatory military service, it appears that the actor is considering starring in one more drama.

One source working at Kim Soo Hyun’s agency revealed that the South Korean actor has enough time to film one more drama before going Rambo in the military service.

“The actor has been receiving series of love calls from various dramas, and it seems he have time to film one more drama.”

Kim Soo Hyun is a household name in South Korea, but many people living in other countries don’t know a thing about the My Love From the Star actor, according to People magazine.

The 28-year-old actor, who met his American fans in person for the first time at last year’s annual KCON fan convention, revealed a few details even his most dedicated fans are not aware of.

In his interview with People magazine, Kim Soo Hyun revealed that he was a pretty shy kid. The revelation comes as a surprise because it means that a shy South Korean kid has managed to gain international recognition.

Kim Soo Hyun was born in Seoul, and it was his mom who encouraged him to get into acting. That’s because Kim Soo Hyun was an introvert as a little kid, so his mom said acting classes would help him feel like a different person.

Before too long, Kim Soo Hyun felt “ecstatic” every time he heard applause from an audience, and that’s when the aspiring actor realized that he wanted to become an actor.

Kim Soo Hyun also revealed what he usually does in his free time when he’s not acting or singing. Whenever the 28-year-old South Korean actor gets a day off, he spends it by playing sports, and it’s either bowling or badminton.

“Having a relaxing time with my favorite people is the best day off.”

And although Kim Soo Hyun dominates virtually any audition for South Korean films thanks to his popularity, the actor admits that he still has a lot to learn to improve his acting craft. The My Love From the Star actor revealed that he feels “excited” when acting and that he wants to go “far” as an actor.

The handsome South Korean actor also revealed his dream American co-star. Kim Soo Hyun admitted that he has wanted to star alongside Gwyneth Paltrow for a while now, explaining that the Iron Man actress is “very talented and attractive.”

But the list of Kim Soo Hyun’s American idols doesn’t end with Paltrow, as the actor is also a huge Quentin Tarantino fan and revealed that he was “hugely impressed” by Christoph Waltz in the Tarantino-directed Django Unchained.

And although Kim Soo Hyun admits that his fellow actor Waltz’s role was not easy to pull off, the 59-year-old actor made it seem “as easy as humming a melody the entire movie.”

“After I saw the movie, I’ve wanted to act like him.”

Interestingly, Kim Soo Hyun once was the face of 17 products at the same time, breaking the record of Olympic figure skater Kim Yuna. The actor’s popularity has risen immensely after his role in 2012’s drama Moon Embracing the Sun, which allowed him to land spokesperson positions in various companies.

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