Jennifer Aniston Marriage Can Be ‘Insane,’ Says Justin Theroux: OK With Brad Pitt Reunion?

Jennifer Aniston seemed to be on an endless search for the perfect mate after her marriage to Brad Pitt crumbled amid his alleged affair with Angelina Jolie. Now Jennifer has found her man in actor Justin Theroux. But as the spotlight on Brad’s and Angelina’s divorce drama extends to include Aniston, Theroux admits that his role as “Mr. Jennifer Aniston” can be challenging.

However, dishing in a recent interview about what it’s like to be known as the husband of Jennifer Aniston, Justin has no hesitation in sharing his pride in his wife and her ability to survive, reported Time.

“[Aniston has] lived through a lot of bulls**t.”

Despite getting repeatedly tangled in the media attention on Brad’s and Angelina’s divorce drama, Jennifer has stayed calm, praised Theroux.

Justin Theroux is proud of wife Jennifer Aniston.
Justin Theroux is proud of wife Jennifer Aniston. [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for LTLA]

“Many people would have crumbled under some of the stresses that have been put on her,” pointed out Justin. “I’m very proud of her for that, for the way she handles herself.”

Describing Aniston as an “amazing” and “proper bada**,” Theroux proclaims it “an honor to stand behind her.” And that includes being called “Mr. Jennifer Aniston,” which he views as just “a shorthand for describing who I am.”

However, Justin also confessed that in the wake of Brad’s and Angelina’s divorce drama, he has learned to steer clear of tabloids, reported the Mirror.

“There are definitely times when I don’t like walking past the newsstand. You start to feel like the crazy person they’re portraying you as if you follow that s**t.”

Initially, Theroux would “casually pay attention to” the tabloids, but then he realized it was better to look the other way. Despite his decision to ignore those magazine articles, he’s still affected because strangers who have read and believe the constant articles claiming that Aniston is pregnant often congratulate him, a phenomenon that Justin sums up as “insane.”

Is Justin "on board" for a meeting between Brad and Jennifer?
Is Justin “on board” for a meeting between Brad and Jennifer? [Image by Andrew Toth/Getty Images for Labyrinth Theater Company]

While Justin is making it clear that he’s mellow about the nickname and proud to be the man behind the famous actress, he might not be quite so relaxed when it comes to a new report alleging that his wife and her former husband are planning a secret reunion — but is that report true?

Hollywood Life cites a source who explained that Brad has felt “bad” about the way that his marriage to Jennifer ended. The actor, 52, and actress, 47, allegedly are planning a secret meeting in Goleta, California at his beachfront ranch, which will give Pitt the chance to apologize, according to the insider.

“He never properly said to [Jennifer], ‘I’m sorry I hurt you,’ and that’s what he wants to do….[Brad] wants to make amends, once and for all.”

The alleged reunion “is hugely important to Brad,” added the source, who explained it would give Pitt a chance to express his regrets for “breaking her heart.”

Gossip Cop investigated a related report from OK claiming that Theroux is “on board” with Aniston and Pitt planning a meeting to stage a reunion.

The OK report described Jennifer as interested in achieving a reunion with Brad amid his divorce from Jolie. Justin “isn’t the least bit threatened” about the idea of his wife taking time out to reunite with her former husband, according to the publication.

The alleged reunion plot calls for Theroux to remain at home while Jennifer and Brad have their meeting, but he reportedly “has no problem with” the secret rendezvous, added OK.

“That’s because [Justin] trusts Jen absolutely, and has faith in the strength of their connection.”

However, a source told Gossip Cop that Theroux has not provided Aniston with a “go ahead” to reunite with Pitt, and that the question of a reunion hasn’t even arisen.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for DGA]